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Apr 17, 2015
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Just starting up a journal for a few seeds I decided to go ahead and drop. Trying to use up some of my seed stock while I'm still growing since it looks like I might move to a non-grow state down the road and the cana-gardening future is very up in the air.

Anyhow...going to be a mix of a few different things. Going to be running two autoflowers in the closet while I work on mainlining three photoperiod plants in the tent. Here's the rundown on the genetics:

2x Dutch Passion Automazars (auto feminized)
2x Rare Dankness Ghost of LeeRoy
1x Dinafem Deep Cheese (feminized)

I've got a batch of used soil that I've recharged a little with some EWC, Mycorrhizae, and some all purpose organic food. Been cooking up for a few weeks now out in the sun, so should be good to go. First time using it, so going to have to see how the plants react and if I need to hand feed or not. Will be using weekly compost tea supplements at minimum.

Anyhow...that's about it for now. Just firing up a journal to kind of have a place to document notes, dates, and such on the grows. Just soaking the beans in water for now, so no pics yet. :smoking:
The beans made it into the dirt tonight. Deep Cheese looks to be the early leader with a few millimeters of tap root snaking out while soaking overnight. One of the Ghost of LeeRoy's had split and was showing a little white so is right behind, though. The rest soaked enough to sink but hadn't tapped out yet, but into the dirt with 'em all and on to the wait to see who sprouts.


Four out of five sprouted so far. Nosed around lightly in the fifth a little, and could see it doing it's thing a little below the surface so hoping it'll be along to join the rest by morning.

Interestingly, both the Ghost of LeeRoy seeds seemed to be having trouble shedding their shells. Thinking it may be related to them being the oldest stock in my collection, and probably a little past their prime. Anyhow...I was able to gingerly peel the shell off both of them, so hoping they'll spread out their young leaves overnight (my night...their mid day).

Sorry for the blurple light, I fired up one of the Platinum's in the closet for now since I don't need the full 200(ish) watt COB array for the little seedlings. :cools:

The other Automazar popped yesterday. Was also having problems shedding it's shell and the shell itself was starting to look a little white and ashy, so I peeled it off. The yellowing on the leaf tips when they open make me wonder if my little assist didn't come just in time. :smoking:

Five for five on the sprouting (so far...still a ways to go). So guess I'm getting the germinating thing down a little better. The Ghost of LeeRoy sprouts are both getting really stretchy. I repositioned the light a little to see if that helps. It's typically a stretchy, tall strain anyway so don't want them to get too tall early on. I'll compensate by burying the stems some when I transplant into the five gallon pots in a week or so.


Usually try to wait a week for the roots to get established before moving into the bigger pots, but the Ghost of LeeRoy (two on far left) and Deep Cheese (far right) seedlings are all doing so well I think I'll go ahead and move them a little later today. Automazar sill chugging along and doing their thing nicely as well, so may move them later also. May try a different pot and Blumat setup with them but need to think on it for a couple hours and decide if I want to experiment this round or stick with tried and tested setup. Suppose with a couple of the marginal plants in the old grow, it's not like EVERYTHING was all song and dance with the previous setups, so thinking why not change it but still on the fence.



Got the three photoperiod sprouts moved into the big pots this evening. They had some nice looking roots starting to snake around the bottom of the little mini-solo cup starter pots, so were for sure ready to start branching out in the big pot. I buried the long, stretchy stems pretty good almost up to the leaves to get 'em down nice and short. These three I'm planning to mainline, so will be trimming after they get about three good nodes going and then starting to train to stay pretty low and uniformly shaped. The Ghost of LeeRoy have been mostly male in the batch I bought so far, so not sure if I'm due a couple ladies or more likely to continue the trend with a boy or two. Still on the fence about just letting 'em breed if I do get a boy, but I think it'll depend on how many there are, how the females are looking, etc...etc... If it looks like I have the means, I may try rooting a cutting along the way and doing a quick flower on some clones to try and predetermine the sex. I've always had horrible luck cloning, though, so might just pass. Then again, could use it as opportunity to give cloning another go. Space and light cycles in the spaces I do have will be the limiting factor, though. Who among us couldn't put another two or three tents and lights and etc..etc..etc... to good use? :smoking: