Kannabia MEGA Give-Away – Almost 30 prizes to be sent

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Jun 6, 2015
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Hi folks,

This time, we're bringing something big to you (please, avoid easy jokes).

Our friends of Kannabia have provided us with goodies and freebies to share the love with the cannabis community.

Normally, we're just raffling just a few prizes. This time, we're coming with 29 different ones.

For you, our friends of Autoflower, we're giving away 2 prizes consisting of a 3-pack of Lemon Haze Auto Seeds and a 5-pack of MikroMachine Auto.

To qualify, leave a comment with your previous experiences with Kannabia or, if you don’t have any yet, let us know which strain do you prefer and why. We won't count double-posting on this thread, but you can take part in other Socials or forums (the more you try, the more chances you get).

The winners will be announced on the 4th of August. We'll post their names or nicks in our blog post and will send a DM/email to the winners. To ensure these people get the notification correctly, we will also add a comment in this thread mentioning them ;)

Good luck,

Lui Gee
Well, I'll start it off. I have not heard of Kannabia seeds but, I did just browse their selections and their website. Nice descriptions and pictures of some good looking plants. I grow for someone else and we are still experimenting with what strains and varieties work best for her.

I always journal my grows and whenever I'm about to try something new I also look for prior grow threads/journals to see what others have experienced. We have looked over both strain offerings and if chosen would love to give the Lemon Haze Auto a run through! Sativa dominant with the short height and lemon scent are big plusses.

I've gotten seeds from The Vault before, very easy to deal with and good communication. Plus they have a very nice and wide selection of seeds to browse, because I know we all need more seeds for our collections.

Thanks for the chance @The Vault ! You guys are top notch.
Sorry to say I haven't come across the name but I do love me some Lemon Haze Autos! ✌️✌️
I don't have any experience of Kannabia Seeds, but I like the look of the MikroMachine Auto. I'm currently growing another AK-47 derived auto strain in my micro grow cabinet, and it's going well so far. MikroMachine looks like a reasonably short strain which would suit my growing space really well.
I have not grown Kannabia seeds before, I have no Haze seed growing experience either, so Super Lemon Haze would be a nice addition to my outdoor grow. I would be happy with any of the autos growing in our yard, awesome contest from Kannabia n The Vault, Thanks!
Never grown kannabia gear before but I've seen the pics! Nice looking plants! I'd love to try lemon Haze autos. I've come across the name kannabia before when I was researching growing autos... That led me to AFN!... And the rest is history! Love hazes and sativa's... Actually just love Cannabis!
Haven't yet tried Kannabia, would dig me some Lemon Haze!
I grew a Amnesi-K back in 2018. I don't remember much because I have grown and consumed so much since then :funny:

I love seeds I can never have enough.
Lemon Haze auto for me,,,not run their gear ,but i once had a great lunar grow calendar from them once