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Oct 4, 2014
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I've got fastbuds green crack and gorilla glue at week 5 under osram and citizen cobs there growing well doing there stretch and healthy! The problem I've got is a few hrs before there 4 hrs of lights out the leaves tend to droop then when lights go on they perk up and leaves don't droop again until the few hrs until they go off again running 20 on 4 off. Anyone got any ideas could it be too intense with the lights and need to go 18/6 the light highs are fine! Thanks for any help on this its the first time growing fastbuds always grow dutch pasion and dinafem seeds before!
How often are you watering them?..

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Every day get thirsty, humidity 50 temps between 79 and 82f
I'd try switching to 18/6..

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Also do you wait till your pots feel light? Or do you stick your finger in the soil to see if it feels dry?.. I believe that overwatering could make your plants droop like that.. let those roots grow in search of water..

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Yeah definitely light to a point but am growing in coco, u think be wise to go 18/6 then? Thanks for your help.
You're growing autos right?..

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I would try switching to 18/6 and at least see if you notice any difference.. I just finished my 4th auto grow and I've always gone 18/6.. The only time my girls got droopy is when they needed a drink..

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