1. ExNavyInSTL

    Check My Math: Adding Disodium EDTA to Your HydroBuddy Nutrient Recipe?

    I would like someone who makes their own fertilizer to check my math. I've learned Hydro Buddy and I have created my "ideal" nutrient recipe (in theory). However, I want to make sure I understand the formula for adding Disodium EDTA to chelate my Fe, Mn, Zn & Cu. From what I have extrapolated...
  2. Making Soils Better

    Making Soils Better

    ABOUT US Reliable Experience Establish in 1982 as synthetic fertilizer company. In 1995 merged with an Organics company to create Plant Life Fertilizers. In 2020 we sold our synthetic division and renamed to Making Soils Better. With 150 years of combined soil and plant botanist. We provide...
  3. DynoMyco


    From DYNOMYCO®, produced and developed in Israel, is based on 30 years of scientific research originating at Israel’s national Volcani Center for Agricultural Research (ARO). Designed and formulated by a team of leading soil and plant experts, DYNOMYCO® aims to help...
  4. Greenleaf Nutrients

    Greenleaf Nutrients

    From MEGA CROP introduces a new higher level of performance and completeness that is unique today in the nutrient industry. MEGA CROP provides maximum yield, size, weight, and best quality of harvest for commercial and hobby growers, making it the brand of...
  5. Phyter (aka Rotblock)

    Phyter (aka Rotblock)

    From Why use chemical applications on your buds? RotBlock grows endophytically within the plant. When applied prior to incidence, it will aide in protection against common plant issues, and protect against naturally occurring stressors. It is a bio-stimulant, which will...
  6. O

    Need ALOT of help

    Plants range in age from 34-48 days old. All in 5 gallon grow bags with a a mix of HF/OF soil, PH has always been 6.1- 6.3, Run off PH is around 6.0 - 6.3, temp 73-79, RH 45-50, under a Viparspectra p1500 with a PPFD reading of 500-650. Been giving 5ml of “fish shit” every watering or every...
  7. R

    White bleaching leaves?

    Hi everyone, I've been here a lot this grow unfortunately. It's sad because I've spent hours a day reading and over worrying and trying to do everything right but alas even as a successful farmer these "weeds" prove so difficult lol. Perhaps grow #2 will be less problematic, but anyhow I...
  8. O

    Nutrient help

    when would I start using these nutes? I’m in a mix of happy frog and ocean Forrest soil. 3 day old Mephisto forum stomper and germinating a night owl Blue sprayed shoes remix. Wanna mess them up as little as possible any help would be beyond appreciated. Thanks
  9. O

    Mephisto grow guide 2017

    high, does anybody know if Mephisto has changed anything since 2017 when they published this grow guide? Specifically in the soil/nutrients department. Figured I’d give the big dogs method a shot. Thanks in advance for any input GROW GUIDE LINK……...
  10. Z

    Organic Bloom Nutes

    Not sure if this is ok, but I'm interested in some recommendations on Organic nutes for flowering stage.
  11. KootenayFullyAutomatic

    Anyone use Green planet dual fuel & pro-cal with coco coir? Or can give advice?

    Hey guys, new to the forum so hopefully not crossing any lines asking this here. So, I have the entire dual fuel line up from green planet + their pro-cal for cal/mag supplement. Running canna coco in 3 gal fabric pots. I’ve had good luck running photo periods with these nutrients in Promix HP...
  12. D

    Autoflower Bruce Banner Week 10 yellowing rapidly but not ready.

    I've been growing two autoflower Bruce Banners in soil and the older one is just reaching the 10 week mark today, however it seems to be yellowing (and it a bizzare manner) very fast and I am worried it will not be ready by the time all of the leaves die. About two weeks ago it had a lot of...
  13. D


    Overview of my favorite grow media, why I modify plant shape for LED light, reservoir tubing modifications and how I change it, dealing with high mineral water, and basic indoor grow knowledge.
  14. A

    Opinion/advice on my set up

    Hi, bit long winded here so if you last till the end I thank you eternally. Just going to list my everythin I have for my set up and would love to hear everyone’s opinions on anythin ive missed/not to use, how to use which properly and any tips and tricks to help me along. I’ll be planting...
  15. JM

    Finally! How to beat Spider Mites with proper nutrient managament!

  16. CanadianStorm

    Feeding a Ruderalis with ph neutral Rose Water ? Sugar free and floral notes

    Hi peeps! So I've been reading lots of crazy threads where people have been feeding fruit juice to their plants. Beside soaking the bottom of a branch in fruit juice once its harvest time, there are not many options out there. It doesnt give a great result when smoked, if there was too much...
  17. G

    Autoflower Nutrient Schedule using GH Flora Series in Soil

    Hello, This is my first post on this forum and in a few weeks I am going to be starting my first grow. (I will be using Roots organics rod potting soil) What should my feeding schedule be? I am a newbie so a detailed guideline or a link to a detailed guideline would be appreciated. The main...
  18. Son of Hobbes

    Old Reviews Organic vs Inorganic Nutrients: Is there really that big a difference in final product?

    So if plants don't know the difference between organic and inorganic input of nutrients, is there REALLY that big of a difference between plants that are grown organically versus inorganic in the final product? If buds are grown with synthetic nutrients but still smell like fuel, smoke like...
  19. Son of Hobbes

    Nutrients The Autoflower Network welcomes Prescription Blend!

    Good morning everyone! The Autoflower Network would like to welcome the company Prescription Blend to our forum! Prescription Blend is a complete 6 part nutrient kit for growing cannabis. From their own description: COMPLETE 6 PART NUTRIENT KIT - Can be used in Hydroponics, Coco, Soil...
  20. AnotherNewbie

    New Grower Need help choosing soil & fertilizer for outdoor

    Hey ^-^ First of all, thanks for taking your time to maybe help me out a bit & share your suggestions, I really appreciate it :d5: So I'm relatively new to growing in general and I'm going to take care of a few autos (Honey Peach Auto CBD & Jack Herer Auto) next season. The enviroment is a...