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Feb 17, 2017
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Hi AFN, I'm back for another go.

I have a bit more space to work with and have changed things up a bit. Setup is as follows:

8x4 tent
6 in fan and carbon filter vented to the ceiling
6 cxb 3590 diy setup on 20/4 cycle
15 gal no till pot, first cycle
7, 6 and a couple 2 gal pots of some soil I made up amending local bagged soils
Oil heater
Small humidifier

These are the mephisto strains and the pots I'll be running them in:

Sour livers in the 15 gal
Chemdogging - 6 gal air pot
Deep blue c x 2 - 7 gal sip & 2 gal air pot
Triangle kush - 2 gal air pot

Here's some pics of the room intake and exhaust and light/fan setup

I've put a seal on the door since the pic.

I'm about 4 weeks in. The schedule has involved a top dressing of neem, barley powder, kelp and alfalfa in the larger pots at the start. I've used some local seaweed extract in most waterings, one hit of kelp and neem tea, and some very week fish emulsion in the soil and as foliar feeding. I also spray the girls down with a bit of neem/silica/aloe every 7-10 days.

I've started all the seeds at different times so won't be chopping all at once, I got a little trigger happy starting a few extra seeds but all good. I don't have a lot of pics to this point but here's some to start

Sour livers:

About 24 days


29 days



Around 14 days


Around 21 days


Deep blue c


The deep blue c has a strange structure, can't wait to see how it turns out.

Lastly the triangle kush at about 9 days above soil


I don't have a pic of the second dbc yet but it's at a similar stage to the tk.

The growth for all has seemed a little slower than other pics I see online but that could be staring in the end pot, low humidity or something else. But the older ones have started to take off and they all look pretty healthy so I'm happy. I went a little heavy on water in the big pot early which kicked off some fungus gnats. I haven't made the same mistake again and have been dressing barley powder and will be applying some beneficial nematodes for a second time tomorrow which has drastically reduced them.

Starting to pre flower on the largest plant so should have some decent pics in the coming weeks. Any questions or feedback please let me know :)
Good looking setup, I love a good cob grow. I'm in for this. How much do you have invested in the light? I want cobs too. I'm so jelly :( lol good luck brother
G'day mate. I got my kit from kingbrite on alibaba. It was 443 usd for the 6 chips, holders, reflectors, tapped heat sinks and driver shipped to Aus. Obviously had to buy the stuff for the frame and wiring too