Mom's Autocob, Autoflower, Autopot Grow


Just watchin my daughter enjoy my harvest!
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Feb 6, 2017
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I dont....I grow to help others :-)
Hi guys!!! Well, with a lot of attempts and only one successful Seedsman Auto WW under my belt
I am a little nervous to try again. But with a lot of encouragement from good AFN friends….here
we go again! :)

My setup is:

4 X 2.5 X 6 Grow Tent 4” VenTech Exhaust fan and carbon filter
36” Lakso oscillating tower fan

(2) 65W 6500K CFL’s (veg)
(1) MarsHydro 300 LED (veg)
(1) Meizhi 300 LED (flower)
(1) GalaxyHydro 300 LED (flower)
**asking Santa to bring me a DECENT LED or some nice homemade COB's!

Earthworm Casting Tea
FF Tiger Bloom

(2) 15L Autopots ~(1) with Airdome

50% Happy Frog/Perlite

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I set up (2) 15L auto-pots with just ONE having an airdome (for growth comparison), poured in about 2” of PH stable clay pebbles in the bottom of each pot, then filled them both up to the top with a mixture of ½ Happy Frog & ½ Perlite.

I soaked (2) DP “Think Different” seeds in a cup of water for 16hrs. The next day I wrapped the seeds in a moist paper towel, put the packet inside a CD case and put it inside the top of my tent for warmth. The next day both seeds had tap-roots so I gently pushed each germed seed into the center of a moist root riot and planted one riot directly in the center of each pot. I then covered each with a plastic cup as a humidity dome. (big thanks @2Stoned2Care !!)

Oh….I also altered 2 plastic cups (cut out the bottoms and up one side) and pushed them down into the soil around each root riot because I have a hard time with the concept of watering a small seed in a big pot…..the cup just gives me a watering “guideline” and a little piece of mind for the first few weeks.

I hung one true 65w 6500k CFL over each pot and I will leave the lights on 24x7 for warmth. I like to keep the tent around 77 degrees. Under the domes the temp is about 78 and the humidity is about 76.

I’m currently misting the root riots & inside the humidity cups a few times a day with tap water.

Just waiting for the little ones to come up and say HI~


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Everything looking nice and tidy, I'm in :thumbsup:. No need to worry, just survive the first 15 days and let the Autopots do the rest :smoking:.
i think most of us here have had troubles getting seeds to germinate at least once.i had a near 100% germ rate for nearly 2 years then all a sudden fail/fail/fail not genetics,not me as i done the same as i always have and it worked before.unexplained but it does happen.
as a new grower its difficult not to mollycoddle your just have a wee look,il just give em a tiny mist,il just give the a lil not saying to ignore your seedlings,but sometimes its the best thing to do.
i dont know what your issues are,but keep updating we are never short of opinions.
good luck n keep er lit.
@MassMom you have a very clean setup and sending good vibes :vibe: for your grow. I know it can be frustrating when things don't go well as I have just gone through some of it myself with some severely stunted girls. I have to chalk it up as a learning experience and move forward to better myself on the next. Don't hesitate to ask questions as we will all try to help.
WOW, thank you all for coming, and a big thanks for all the kind words and good grow Karma!!


Yep, I def. have a habit of over-watering and “fussing” like a new mother over my plants. Kill them with kindness, ouch. I have to just chill out and let a weed be a weed (literally!). My plan is that when they break soil give each baby about 50ml of water in a “donut” around the rapid rooter with my syringe….day 5 give them about 75ml….and day 15 give them 100ml. Then VOILA….5 days later on day 20 turn on auto-pots. Sounds easy on paper, but I have to sit on my hands at this stage not to keep checking if they broke soil yet and fuss over them. Patience mother, patience!!! I dont even smoke, I grow for my daughter who is very ill, and I was so proud of my self my first grow. I want that feeling again :lol:
Sounds like we have over watering in common and turned to autopots for a better way. I stunted or wrecked a couple of DP's on my first grow including a think different. Like the detail you include in the setup notes, and visually it looks sharp for sure.

What's that small pot in the middle?

Did you get the 1 pot kit with 2 containers and a res?

Looking forward to seeing how the airdome vs not pans out in this grow. And what the roots look like after. Being totally unaccustomed and unfamiliar with proper watering I am all in for the autopots and domes. But in theory if the autopots water right then I dont see how an airdome will add value (like prevent root rot since there should not be any) and there should not be any noticeable difference the two plants.

Can we fast forward to the end?