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  1. Think different

    Think different

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  2. Day 31 Think different dwc

    Day 31 Think different dwc

    fresh res change ph 5.95 ec 2.0. I have no words to say this lady is is almost as big as my previous Auto ultimate grow that ended up with 220g and it hasnt even started the real preflower stretch yikess...:nono::woohoo:
  3. Quitexcellent DP Think different DWC

    Quitexcellent DP Think different DWC

    day 28. she is looking like an absolute monster lol. ph 5.8, ec 1.75
  4. Willtech

    Indoor Auto Ultimate and Think different

    Hi Guys, It’s been a very long time since I posted on here but thought I’d start a grow journal for 3 plants I’ve just started. I’ll be doing 2x Think Different by Dutch Passion and 1x Auto Ultimate by Dutch Passion. I did a few Think Different a couple of years ago and one of the plants yielded...
  5. BigBudz2020

    New Grower Needing Help and Advice

    Hi guys, I think I'm posting in the right section? Apologies if I'm not. I am going to be planting some Think Different Autos from Dutch Passion in my greenhouse as I have heard they do well in the UK climate. I am planting straight into an 11litre pot once my seeds are germinated as I have...
  6. BotanikBob

    New Grower 6x different DP strains under 480W LED

    Hallo AFN, I recently decided to do my first grow journal ever to keep track of some mistakes and for better comparison of finished grows. I have 10+ of photosensitive grows experience and 1 auto grow so far. Whoever likes to read or watch, just sit down and enjoy! :) Oh, and I'm german, so this...
  7. K

    Outdoor Corn Field Grow in German/Danish Border

    Hi i am a newbie at Outdoor Growing and would like some advice. I heard that it is best to keep Autos in very big pots from start which i dont have for maximum yield and am trying to figure out when to start popping some seeds. The Corn Plants around are about 15-20cm / 6-8inches and i heard...
  8. Splitty37

    New Grower Think different UK first time grow

    Hi all, Started a TD grow in soil on my window sill/garden in the UK and all has been going well, I'm using poundland hydro Coco nutes (bloom and PK boost) and gro more with added seaweed extract. As the weather was shite the other week I built a cupboard with 4 X 20w CFL's in which she seems...
  9. G

    New Grower Day 49 ,4 weeks of flowering: auto mazar ,think different ,Auto cinderella jack

    Hello forum and members. I took some pictures today and i want you to show you guys my progress. This is my first time growing. I use 40x3 cfl (150 equ) on each plant and my temps are around 24-26 C and 40-60 % humid. Also my lights are 18/6 since the begging and i watering every 6 days first...
  10. O

    Urgent: Dying Think Different no idea what is going on

    Greetings everyone, So I started a Micro grow in a 40x40x80cm tent, with a passive cooling CREE COB and pc fans for exhaust/circulation. I am growing in pure coco, in 1 gal smartpots and I started one RQS stress killer CBD Auto and one Dutch Passion Think Different, that germinated 12 days ago...
  11. PickleRick

    Dutch Passion Think differnet, Auto Durban Poison - Autopot - LED

    Beans Dutch Passion - Think Different and Auto Durban Poison Grow room A 90x60cm closet dressed in mylar. Lights Skyline 400w (200w true). 20/4 light schedule. Medium x2 15L Auto-pots with coco, airdome with hydroton in the bottom. Nutrients Advanced nutrients Sensi Grow A-B Advanced...
  12. MassMom

    Moms DP Think Different Looks Sick :-(

    -Problem: She looks “crispy” or “spotty” -Medium/grow method:FF Happy Frog/Perlite -Feed and supplements used: Nothing but a touch of Recharge -Water source: tap -Strain and age: DP Think Different, 10 days old -Climate: 77 degrees, 40 humidity (stable) - Light used: Each plant has a 65W 6500K...
  13. MassMom

    Grow Mediums Mom's Autocob, Autoflower, Autopot Grow

    Hi guys!!! Well, with a lot of attempts and only one successful Seedsman Auto WW under my belt I am a little nervous to try again. But with a lot of encouragement from good AFN friends….here we go again! :) My setup is: GROW AREA: 4 X 2.5 X 6 Grow Tent 4” VenTech Exhaust fan and carbon filter...
  14. Dhante420

    New Grower First Time, Soil, Think Different & Cheese XXL

    Hi Guys,:hippy: So here is my first ever grow and first post on AFN. So im growing in my 4'x4' tent under a 600w ViparSpectra LED light, I have 3 Think Different and 3 Cheese XXL. They are growing in 10 litre pots in Bio Bizz Light mix with more added perlite. They are on about day 3 since they...
  15. shrimpy pibbles

    Live Stoners Outdoor autos for next year UK

    Hey all, my half assed KC Brains regular cheap ass outdoor grow is not going to come to anything this year so Im going to have a pop with some Autos next season... My pre-requisites are, suitable for outdoor UK grow (cool climate, mold resistant), and maximum yield, bigger the better. I prefer...
  16. T

    New setup,10x700w LED "Think different"

    Im gonna give those beautys a try.. Does anyone know how much EC it can handle when it starts to stretch and bloom? AT MAX!:smokeit:
  17. G

    Indoor Maximizing Yeild with 4x2 tent (Think Different by Dutch Passion)

    Hello Everyone, I have a few questions that im hoping to get answered. So i'm getting ready for an indoor tent grow, I am using a 4x2x6 tent with a 600 watt LED light fixture. I have decided to grow the Think Different strain. My qurstions are: Should I grow 2 or 3 plants in this space...
  18. Yozhik

    Dutch Passion Yozhik Grow #5 - Dutch Passion Think Different

    Into the Valley of Dutch Passion we rode ... Nothing to report yet - 12 x Think Different seeds have been soaked, and are being subjected to the standard paper towel method. i.e. Wet paper towel, inside zip locked bag to keep humidity high, placed into temperate closet and left to develop a...
  19. knocker powell

    Vegging under 26w Secret Jardin LED Light

    hello all - i wonder if i could pick your brains. relatively new grower trying to start off some Think Different under a 26w Secret Jardin vegging light. All has been going well but now some of the leaves are yellowing and taking on a troubling appearance - being a newb am not sure whether they...
  20. knocker powell

    Lighting secret jardin 26w LED

    hello there - just wondering if anybody has used this light. i picked one up yesterday and am thinking of giving a bit of LED goodness to my youngsters before putting them outside to do battle with the great british summer. be good to know how people use theirs and any tips and advice. thank...