NAGreengo's - Hard Pressed

Mephisto Genetics, Old School Mango Haze yields well...


Warming up a little Mephisto Genetics Old School Mango Haze in the Cricket..

That's cool!!!!!!:headbang::headbang::pass:

...................he says as he's recovering from the MASSIVE RUSH from a hit from the Swordfish With the hot coil loaded up with Root Beer Float!


No doubt about it............... That rush was hardcore! That SOB hit me hard! It had everything too! I saw colors! My ears went warm and tingly! My heart was up in my ears! In absolutely slammed me behind eyes! I was actually able to take a full cycle on the swordfish with that hottest coil. He was a huuuuuuuuuuuge hit!!!!!

I did squeeze some nose candy the other day. I put it in the swordfish and then took off to go do a little shopping. I hadn't hit it or tasted it until I'd gone down the road quite a bit. Just on the first temperature setting, I took a hit. I almost had to pull over ! it really was not intended to be a hard hit. Evidently it was a pretty good hit. I'm getting ready to Exhale when the rush began and it ramped up really quick........... Then I Exhaled and it slaaaaaammed my ass! I took baby hits for the rest of the trip!:funny:
Damn :kitty::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha: