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Oct 13, 2020
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Alright folks,

I just dropped 6 beans in water and my next grow is set. These 6 autoflower seeds are going to be put into 3 gallon fabric pots using FFOF soil. My tent is currently full but of the 6 - 3 gallon plants in there, 4 are to be harvested at the end of this week, freeing up enough space to start the next run. I decided to go with 6 different breeders this go around. 5 of the 6 breeders I've never grown before so this should be fun. The run is as follows:


Captain Redbeard's Runtz
Mephisto Cosmic Queen
Mandalorian Genetics / Brother's Mendel Blackstrap Colab
Twenty20 Mendocino Snow-G
Gas Reaper Genetics Roadkill
Roc Bud Inc Blueberry Slushy


As mentioned they will be in 3 gallon pots inside a Vivosun 4x2 tent with a Mars Hydro TSL-2000. I understand this is a lot lol I have filled tent with 3 plants but I go for smaller plants and more variety. Tent is in an un-aircondtioned space with a AC Infinity T6 on supply bringing in air from air conditioned space and T6 exhaust hooked to same 67 controller. I got a cool air humidifier tied to wifi inkbird to keep humidity straight. I run a 18/6 in summer to help with heat and turn off lights from 12-6 pm.


I will put seeds after 24-36 hours in cups of water into rapid rooter cubes. I find this helps with FFOF soil being hot with seedlings. I will use water only for first 3 weeks. Then I will use half strength Fox Farm Trio, Bud Candy, Fish Shit, Cal Mag and feed every other watering. FF Grow will be used for first week or two then left out. I will start to use Recharge on alternative waterings. I stop feeding for estimated last two weeks and use just water.


I will top them all between day 14-21. I will use tomato clips to start low stress training, adding as needed and tying down to pot with wire as needed. I defoliate as I go and will lollipop. I'm stuffing tent for variety so I'm after short squatty multi-cola plants.


I plan to harvest when trichomes start to amber about 30% or so depending on overall ripeness of the plants. I don't do dark period, don't give ice bathes and don't chiv my girls lol I'll cut plants whole, hang in large lawn bag suspended upside down for about 10 days. Then a dry trim, then in brown bags to sweat some more for 1-3 days. The lawn bags and regular brown bags stay in 60/60 closet. Once sweating is done, they will go in grove bags for about 4-6 weeks and then the official smoke report.

Alright all, I'll try to keep this post updated. I'll likely have these all in rapid rooters tomorrow.


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I came home to find all 6 seeds on bottom of cups. I went ahead and inserted seeds into plugs and put in tray. I will put this in tent this afternoon when lights comes back on. I put plugs in forever pots fairly early as all the no transplant stuff has me worried if I waited too long that it would stunt growth. I plan to harvest 4 of my existing plants Friday and that will give me room in tent to put pots and get them in forever home. I'll be ordering some ladybugs as preventive measure once the last of my flowering plants are out of tent.


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Got my plant signs made for the grow. A ritual of mine before they go in pots of course. The power of 3D printing lol


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I'm happy to report back we are 6 for 6. These lovely girls will get to see their forever homes in a day or so. I'm waiting to harvest at least one more to make room and I got a couple getting scoped tomorrow.
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I transplanted the 6 plugs into their forever homes. (FFOF in 3 gallon pots). 5 of the 6 had pretty decent amount of growth coming out bottom of cubes. The Blackstrap which was last to pop soil hasn't had root growth beyond cube with being a day or so behind others. I'm very thankful all 6 popped up. I was close to soaking another Blackstrap.
I like your markers for plant names, best i got is a sharpie and duct tape lol. That's a good amount of plants for a 4x2 good luck on the grow. I am interested in snow g too seen a guy selling their stuff on strainly.