What is normal wilting and sign of “deficiencies” in late flower?

Dec 15, 2017
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With just a few grows under my belt i would love some experienced input on this subject. As flowering reaches it’s final weeks I’m thinking that some wilting and basically dying of off the leaves etc is natural since it’s end of life for the plant.
It must be normal to over feed at this stage due to misunderstanding.
Is there any photos etc of what to expect at end of flowering considering the above ?
What medium are you growing in . Here is a end of lfe plant - Organic -
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What medium are you growing in . Here is a end of lfe plant - Organic - View attachment 1355872
Organic soil. So this looks very green and healthy overall but if I see correctly all the fan leaves has been removed? Had they been there maybe they had been yellow, brown and what not?
I think plants choose when to use nutrients stored in leaves. The big fan leaves towards the end with flower they really use that stored nutrients. Using organic it's possible that the food needed at the end in was really needed. I got a couple plants now that's going into 15 weeks. They havent been fed in 5 weeks. If you'd like to see a picture of them you can. I'd have to take a new one. They've already had cola off and was expecting to be done sooner but the seeds I created were underdeveloped when cutting the colas of each two weeks ago. All plants die. Large plants similar to this one I got going will use leaves even in middle flower.stsrting from bottom leaves upward. Ppm feed of 1315 last time so a very heavy feed.. I think it's just all part of photosynthesis. I may be wrong but I think plants also have the abilities to move the nutrients stored in leaves back into the stems and roots.
I gave up about two years ago trying to understand leaves if wasnt early on veg or something or a clear deficiency.

However, under and over watering, using too little and too much nutrients can cause leaf problems at all stages I think it's normal for a plant that's meant to live and die have their fan leaves die at some point first before the plant similar to trees.

Some of my upper fan leaves starting dying and get crispy when I move light closer the last two weeks of life due to heat and light stress. But that's clearly noticeable and different than normal leaf cycle dying. The heat stress and light is noticeable on the plant in picture as well since the cola is like 3 inches from light so I expect those fans to die sooner


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The plant will start fading/feeding on itself when it cannot uptake what it needs from the soil for whatever reason (lack of, lock out, etc). Its 'desireable' on a plant on end of life to bring out nice colors and help get rid of chlorophyll in the plant for 'better taste' but its all preference. Some people go for extreme fades and some feed up until the time they harvest. Its perfectly normal for lower leaves to die as the plant ages no matter what. You can prob see/find some good pics here :

This picture might help more , you can see the fan leafs on the top of the pot below the plant . and yes the fan leafs had colour - Brown - Yellow -
Thanks guys. This is where my train of thought goes as well. It’s almost a thing of trust in nature and the plant to allow it to fade in end of life, to not react with a nute attack or flipping the diagnosis bible when it’s really just doing it’s thing. It’s a balance, of course. <3