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  1. Northern Lights NOOB Grow

    Northern Lights NOOB Grow

    Like the title says, decided to make a grow journal, vs help thread. First time ever growing anything. Went with some Northern Light Autoflowers. Equipment: 2x2x4 Tent Honeywell Small Fan Small Amazon Dehumidifier Viparspectra XS1500 Light about 16-18" above plants Soil: SUPER SOIL method - 5...
  2. S

    No amber on NL

    This is a Northern lights Auto from seedfair. On day 112 from sprouting, still no amber. I may have stopped feeding too early because I thought I was close but that was over 3 weeks ago and I have flushed. Should I wait longer? Thanks in advance.
  3. ILMG - Northern Lights Auto Review

    Autoflowering ILMG - Northern Lights Auto Review

    NORTHERN LIGHTS AUTO by ILGM *Disclaimer* This was my first grow ever under the Mars Hydro TS 1000, lots learned from this grow!!! This was a very easy plant to grow that did autoflower. It took well to Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog, and was a champ that pushed through me not knowing...
  4. Northern Lights Autoflower, First ever grow

    Northern Lights Autoflower, First ever grow

    This grow is held indoors under a Phlizon 1500W LED Light. There are 4x 5 Gallon Fabric Pots filled with a Light Soil Mix from my local grow shop. The seeds are from SensiSeeds Amsterdam. We planted the seeds on the 27/11/2021 directly into the soil an watered about 100ml. The temperature for...
  5. RQS Northern Lights Auto - 3 Northern Lights Sisters - How to Get Everything Wrong

    Completed RQS Northern Lights Auto - 3 Northern Lights Sisters - How to Get Everything Wrong

    ok so, this is my second grow, first journal. 3 plants in 3 gallon fabric pots. Tent 80x80x160cm BestVA 600w reflector 2x 15w fans dehumidifier Ana -> Biobiz Lightmix Nina -> Biobiz Lightmix + 50g RQS Easyboost Jeka -> Biobiz Lightmix + Homemade Compost Nutes -> Homemade (household compost...
  6. S

    New Grower A lucky start to this process, to say the least!

    Hey y'all! I wanted to post for the first time to share my first grow experience that I started just after the turn of the new year, it is something I have always told myself I couldn't do (I'm awful with plants). Today is day 14 in soil, the end of the second week - my specs are nothing...
  7. V

    Is she ready to harvest?

    Hi all, first time grower here so I’m just looking for some opinions. This girl is a NL Auto from RQS. She started week 15 on Thursday but had a very slow and poor start to life, long story. Growing under a 400w hps in a mixture of John Innes and perlite with a clay pebble base. Being fed Coco...
  8. Biic

    having issues in late flower, first grow!

    hello community, i'm back again with even MORE issues to my Northern light auto grow. or so it seems, I noticed this morning some of the leaves have spots on them. This plant has had its fair share of illnesses but after giving it flower nutes a week ago i slowly started to see it progress as...
  9. Biic

    nutrient or bug issue?

    I just feed them. used fox farm trio minus the tiger bloom at at very low dose. its a northern light auto from seedsman using a qb288 v2 rspec quantum board at 21 inches. the ladies are in 3 gallon pots, based on the pictures i have, 4 questions come to mind: 1. the leaf issue is only on the...
  10. GloriaGrows

    New Grower Northern Lights auto. First Grow. Aerogarden

    My first growing experience. I did some research (a lot of research actually lol) and I decided to try the Aerogarden Bounty. It’s actually a drip down system which is similar to hydroponic growing. It has a 45 watt full spectrum light that can extend 24 inches. I added supplementary air to both...
  11. MoonUnit

    New Grower First ever grow, Northern Lights auto. Wish me luck!

    So I'm just starting my first ever grow. :biggrin: Details Space: 2’x2’x4’ tent. I’ll be trying some LST to keep the height down Veg/Flower Lights: Spider Farmer SF1000 quantum board running at 24hr schedule. Initially dimmed to lowest setting, around 10,500 lux @ 24" above coco. Strain: 00...
  12. D

    Photoperiod Bhaskara Grows: Cheese - Nicole x Banana OG - Big Lights and more.

    Hey guys getting into photos as well and picked up some clones been a ruff ride but with the help of a few people on here and some patience got them nursed back to decent health they are starting to grow again. I have learned above all that clones crave humidity! (Bonus points if u can name the...
  13. The Vault

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  14. GreenMersh

    Possible defecieny, discolored fan leaves, and small blackish leaves?

    Here’s my northern lights on day 102, a really really small northern lights at that lol. Everything seems to be going okay at the moment except I’ve noticed the leaves starting to change color a little more yellow tint and some spots more yellow than others, also noticed the stems on the leaves...
  15. 420Forever

    Indoor 420'z NL Grow :-)
    Threadmarks: Thread intro/Day 1

    (post edit: this grow journal has been threadmarked...jus click on "reader mode" at the bottom left of this or any other threadmarked post in order to skip over all extraneous commentz & view only the relevant updatez/picz ;) now, on with the show, choo-choo! :headbang: ) NLRR Engine No.420...
  16. GreenMersh

    New Grower Critical Purple Auto from Growers choice seeds.

    I’m gonna try this again lol. Here’s my Critical Purple from GCS on day 9, planted in FF Happy frog soil, 3 gallon clay pots, in a 32x32x63 power tent with a viparspectra 300watt reflector led and a Mars hydro 300watt led. I’ll be using FF trio nutrients along with some botanicare Calmag and...
  17. GreenMersh

    Is this plant doomed ?

    Here’s my NL auto. I recent started giving nutes and seems as tho I’ve burned her. I used 1 ml of grow big and probably .5ml of botanicare CalMag mixed in a half gallon of water. Is she doomed or is there a chance for recovery? This is my first every plant and I’ve already put her through hell...
  18. Cringer

    Seed Stockers Northern Lights I am so excited

    What's up Afn, I stating today my second Seedstockers Grow. My first one was the Amazing "Blackberry Gum" now I can't wait to Grow the NL. I smoke NL back in 2003 and it is a great High I remember very well. My Setup: - Light: Cree LED first 30 Days under 1 x 55 Watt/COB than i gave her 2...
  19. C

    Live Stoners Northern lights deficiency, help please!

    Northern lights week 10 deficiency help 600w led 2.3gallon pots Growing in root farm mix () Using general hydroponics flora series 1/4-1/2 recommended dosage and cal mag watering around 2.5l every 2 days Ph 6.0 72 f Here’s my question I have multiple fan leaves on my plant with this same...
  20. Weescar

    New Grower First Seedstockers Auto Grow

    This grow is being tended to by a relative, she has helped me grow in autopots twice, she now has a grow space for herself and is being pretty much left to her own devices, but always asking questions and I'm in having a look now and then. The room is a 150cm x 240 cm room that we built inside...