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The ZE250 by ParfactWorks is a 250 true watt horticulture light designed for use in smaller arranged tents, suitable for 3.5 x 3.5 veg, and 3x3 flowering areas. It utilizes a 3 dimmer option to control veg, bloom, and UVA settings independently. It can also be controlled via RJ11 where options are limitless for precise light cycle control. Allowing for sunset, sunrise, and a multitude of light simulations to effectively create light conditions of your choosing. It utilizes high efficiency Samsung LM301H, and Osram ssl80 diodes, that remain cool dialed in even at the highest output.


After putting the ZE250 through the paces in a completed grow. I am absolutely impressed by the ZE250's performance. Trichome coverage exponentially increased, as I was able to dial in UVA exposure intensity, and time, to create a more natural light schedule as in nature. At harvest, she produced better than 1 gram per actual watt used, at just a little under 207 Grams.

Overall, I am absolutely pleased with the unit. If you are searching for a high quality light that offers precise spectrum control, at an affordable price.. I highly recommend giving the ParfactWorks Zeusol series a serious consideration!

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