1. Hotfire

    Autoflower Tinto De Verano

    Chopped on day 70. Got an offensive sweet fuel smell that my carbon filter is no match for. Really love how fast she finished and how stoney she is. Feel pretty couch locked but not lazy or tired just that narcotic faded feeling.
  2. Puffco Proxy

    Puffco Proxy

    This little 300 dollar e rig is something after the first couple days I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my money on. It pulls like it has an air leak and the battery leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe get ten to twelve rounds out of each full charge and those take about an hour and change. The...
  3. Devil Press DS2000

    Devil Press DS2000

    Hello all - this is a review of the Devil Press DS2000. This was my first foray in to pressing for rosin, and such I researched a lot prior to purchasing, and my decision was the devil press - a UK company that obviously makes things easy for delivery and costs for the UK. The box was solid...
  4. BII

    Extraction How does rosin compare to other concentrates?
    Threadmarks: Rosins vs. Concentrates: Comparisons?

    I am starting to become interested in getting a rosin press. But I have no exposure or experience at all with rosin - never tried or even seen it; while I do have experience with the legal/dispensary shatter, budder, oil, etc. organic solvent extracted and distillate concentrate products. Some...
  5. Columbo

    Extraction Rosin Press (Flower) listed on Amazon (cheaper on ebay) Thoughts?

    I am looking at a Rosin Press on Amazon and what appears to be the "same" design/model as well on ebay, but cheaper. I include a link to the one on Amazon. Nice thing about Amazon, even though it costs a bit more, I can specify that they donate to NORML if I use the link. What are your...
  6. Frenjamin Banklin

    New Grower Megabuds, Rosin and Tinctures OH my!

  7. Ripper

    Extraction SerVm and Massterpenes

    got my package today so here is the unboxing I will be updating when I make cartridges.
  8. Mañ'O'Green

    Extraction Mañ'O'Green Presents Mass Terpenes

    I anticipate arrival of the test products tomorrow. Stay tuned.
  9. The Iconoclast

    Extraction Slug33 FatMac 3.6g Rosin forge

    I just bought one, should be here in a couple of weeks and then I'll do some testing in this thread. Meanwhile, anyone around here using one. I'm curious to see how heavily frosted but lots of loose sugar leaves, perform. Because this model is a big chunk of steel I thought maybe I can use...
  10. Frogster

    Extraction Frogster takes a "Leap into the Unknown"

    Hey, Hey, Hey All... Just decided I want to try my hand at this "Makin Rosin" lark, with the intention of turning most of my home grown bud (and a little kief) into the following:- a) 80% into some kind of usable Vape Juice. (also open to the thought of maybe a rosin pen type vape in addition...
  11. Son of Hobbes

    Extraction Introducing "MassTerpenes" on the Autoflower Network!

    Good morning everyone! We'd like to introduce a new vendor company to the forum called MassTerpenes! MassTerpenes creates and sells wax and rosin liquefiers and terpenes to add into mixtures and for creating vape cartridges! Some of the members of our test team...
  12. Ripper

    Extraction Little press video.

    I will start posting my press pictures and videos here.
  13. Ripper

    Extraction Massterpenes cartridge making instruction

    This formula is beginner-friendly. Never made a cartridge before? Not to worry. Our mixing process is quick, easy, and mess-free: 1. To start, simply preheat your oven to 200F while preparing your materials. 2. Place your preferred concentrate in provided glass mixing vial. Assuming you are...
  14. Ripper

    Extraction Fresh cartridge

    Okay so I got my order from mass terpenes and man they are cool and threw in a few extras. Syringe mixing container 5 ml of fruity pebbles. Anyway here is what I did. First I pressed some rosin from some Remo Chemo I got more but I used a half gram of it for this cartridge. I placed the...
  15. Ripper

    Extraction Welcome to the DIY vape section

    Lets exchange information on making our own vape cartridges.
  16. Ripper

    Extraction Making cartridges from rosin and terpenes

    just starting this thread to see if there is interest in what I have been doing. I have found a a way to make great tasting cartridges using just terpenes and rosin. Here is one of my cartridges Sorry the picture is sideways. Anyway I press my own rosin and heat it on a hot plate using...
  17. E

    Extraction Dabpress bj6t35

    Just purchased a Dabpress 6 ton all in one unit. Very happy with the unit. Received it 5 days from order from their China factory due to no Canadian warehouse stock. Got the kit, including filters and pre press. Plates heat up quick, maybe 5 minutes max. I’ve pressed a few different ways and...
  18. McDee

    Extraction Hash rosin

    Hey gang, I just did my 1st hash run and would like to turn it into rosin. I have a few question for anyone who has done this. I have 25 micron bags but do i need them for the 73 micron hash? Should I press each separate or together? I'm on a journey to make live rosin. Would like to have a...
  19. McDee

    Extraction Rosin Gummies

    Hey AFN, hope your all lifted nicely for this ride! If not take a sec, go do what it is you do because I took 8 of these at 7:15 and it now 8:32 and they are kickin' in lol. This is easy no worries. Here is what you need. 6oz jello I used cherry 1oz unflavored gelatin I use a 250 bloom from...
  20. Mañ'O'Green

    Extraction Computer Controlled Hot Plate for Decarb Rosin, QWET etc.

    A lot of people want to decarb rosin, QWET, BHO etc. But don't have easy means to do it. Here is an inexpensive hot plate used in another industry that should work well for us for $41.20. It is not rated as explosion proof so don't use it around flammable vapors. I did not need this but wanted...