1. The^Dude

    Extraction The^Dudes Cobbing Experiments

    Harvested this Bubba Kush a couple weeks ago and took a bunch of the lowers to try out Cobbing. Since this is probably a sedative indica it may make a sleepy, narcotic buzz, but I wanted to try this out before I used some nice sativa. Here are the pics so far from initial compressing, vac...
  2. Marshydro

    Mars Hydro 4.20 Giveaway! Have Fun Everyone!

    Hey, AFN growers, :ladies: first we do say thanks for your attention on Mars Hydro giveaway again, appreciate your kind love and support, we are 11 years old now and we'll become bigger and stronger, stick to offer the high cost-effective LEDs and indoor grow tent for growers. :pass: This...
  3. Terra Firma

    Seed Stockers 5 Blackberry Gum Auto's in a SCROG (COBS + Mega Crop)

    Hi everyone, this is my first ever Seed Stockers grow! I normally grow Dutch Passion Auto's. I'm switching over to Greenleaf Nutrients for this grow. My tap water is pretty hard (pH8.6 and EC0.5) and contains a lot more Calcium than Magnesium. I hope that this doesn't screw up the ideal Cal:Mag...
  4. Terra Firma

    Mephisto Genetics Fugue State Indica pheno's (COBs + MegaCrop)

    Hi everyone, this is my first ever Mephisto Genetics grow! I've had seeds for a while and the time has finally come. I'm switching over to Greenleaf Nutrients for this grow. My tap water is pretty hard (pH8.6 and EC0.5) and contains a lot more Calcium than Magnesium. I hope that this doesn't...
  5. S

    More light or more plants???

    What's up AFN. I recently purchased a larger tent and will be running more light for my next grow. I have a 5x5 tent and 4 3500k cobs from I have seen most people recommend running one light per plant, but I am wondering if it would be better to run 2 cobs per plant? My question...
  6. Man Bear Alien Pig tallest cola

    Man Bear Alien Pig tallest cola

    such a pretty sparkle. I'm out of these seeds. I wish i had more:(
  7. Man Bear Alien Pig closeup 1

    Man Bear Alien Pig closeup 1

    closeup of one of the taller colas. it was pretty even all across the canopy. Gorgeous colors, and stunk to high heaven, too. Made the hallway smell, even.
  8. Man Bear Alien Pig full plant shot

    Man Bear Alien Pig full plant shot

    The branches bent down facing the ground unless I h ad her supported with pipe cleaners and bamboo. She was almost as tall as me, and even though I'm short, im still 5 ft tall.
  9. Man Bear Alien Pig wide canopy shot

    Man Bear Alien Pig wide canopy shot

    this is pre-fan removal, as wide as I coudl get it and still get some definition to the buds Mephisto is hands down my favorite breeder.
  10. Skywalker main cola mid-trim

    Skywalker main cola mid-trim

    do I really need to say more? I wish I could get a couple more of these, and see if they get bigger under my new Quantums.
  11. Skywalker side cola mid-trim

    Skywalker side cola mid-trim

    I almost couldnt stop taking photos of her.
  12. Skywalker main cola pre-trim

    Skywalker main cola pre-trim

    this was the central cola. Even though she was tiny, she still took some of the best photos out of all my autos that round
  13. Skywalker Side Bud

    Skywalker Side Bud

    This was one of the side cola tips. You could barely tell the difference, but these were just a LITTLE shorter.
  14. Skywalker, full body shot

    Skywalker, full body shot

    She was very small, but my GoODNESS were those buds sticky. It was like there was no room for stem. It was one solid bud from about 2'' away from the main stem.
  15. Marshydro

    Mars Hydro COB LED Grow Lights Are Offering Buy One Get One Free Now!

    What's up my AFN growers! I bring good news! Mars Hydro is now offering our COB led grow lights "Buy ONE Get ONE FREE" promotion! Last around 1 week, if we sold out earlier, it might end sooner. Yes, you are right, not buy one light, send one pair of yoyo or a pair of glasses, but buy one COB...
  16. Mañ'O'Green

    Indoor Purple Gorilla, StarDawg, Dark Devil & Auto Cookies

    Hang on to the handlebars here we grow again! Welcome to my new grow of Short Stuff Purple Gorilla & StarDawg, Sweet Seeds Dark Devil & Dinafem Auto Cookies. These are all Autoflowering Strains. The grow room has been cleaned and upgraded with new plant stands. I just dropped the seeds. I...
  17. MassMom

    Grow Mediums Mom's FB Gorilla Shizzle, AutoPot, MegaCrop, Coco Grow :-)

    Veg Area: 30”x18”x36” Vivosun Veg Tent 6” Comfort Zone Clip-on Fan (1) DuroLux 96w HO T5 Clear Plastic Solo Cups & Coffee Cups Beer Can Chicken Roasters (for cup stability) Grow Area: 48"x36"x72" Hongruilite Grow Tent 4" VenTech Fan, Filter & Speed Controller 36” Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan (2)...
  18. Animatey

    Dinafem Orange Juice, Purps #1, Cheese CBD, Dinamed Plus Ebb and Flow Rockwool SOG (Animatey)

    Hey AFN, I have been unable to grow for about a year, and I am back at it, about 1 month into my current grow. Plants are currently in their 3rd day of 12/12. I'm doing some unorthodox things, and I haven't grown for a year so who knows how this will turn out... I'm jamming 8 plants into a...
  19. Terra Firma

    Dutch Passion Terra's Blueberry forest in 8.5L autopots

    Hi everyone, welcome to my future forest :biggrin: I shall be experimenting with 8.5L autopots instead of the 15L ones I normally use. I soaked the seeds in water for 24 hours and put them between some paper towels. I then sowed 7 Dutch Passion Auto Blueberry's (courtesy of @DutchPassionTony) in...
  20. Boradan

    Indoor BCN Critical XXL, Critical+2.0, RDWC under COBs

    Time for another run... SETUP: Mars Hydro 4x4 tent RAM 4" Extractor with Carbon Filter Inkbird Temperature Controller Inkbird Humidity Controller 2 x Temperature Controllers attached to 2x 50W Aquarium Heaters for the Reservoirs RAM Humidifier 1500 Watt Oil Radiator 1 x BOYU Low Noise Air Pump...