1. Druid

    Dinafem Dinafem Moby Dick auto, keeping it alive

    Hey, I've got a few femmed seeds of the original Dinafem Moby Dick auto. They are a bit older, from 2017 and their germination rate is pretty bad as they've not been properly stored. Does anyone want a bag of seeds and do an STS run to make fresh ones? I'm currently busy growing something else...
  2. K

    First outdoor grow nordic climate

    Hello, me and a mate is planning our first outdoor grow this summer and need some advice. We have several succesful indoor grows with both coco, soil and hydro. We have bought 60 15L fabric smart pots, and are growing at latitude 59N. We want to use a medium mix consisting 70% soil and 30%...
  3. 123_1.jpg


    Dinafem OG Kush. Outdoor organic greenhouse. No bottled nutrients 10+ ft autoflower. Fairbanks AK.
  4. The Dalai Farmer

    Mars Hydro Cup (TSW 2000)

    Hi all and :welcome: The current grow going on is my 2nd using the Magnificent Mars TSW 2000 and is 6 plants, 4 Photoperiod and 2 Autos. 1 x FastBuds Gelato 1 x Dinafem Blue Amnesia xxl, Auto. 1 x Seedstockers Gelato 41, Photo. 1 x SSSC Super Mad Sky Floater, Photo. 1 SSSC Pineapple Poison...
  5. dankstyle J

    Dinafem Blue cookies an Critical kush grown organically in a light dep greenhouse!!!

    Welcome back friends to another organic outdoor grow journal featuring some fire cannabis strains. These plants are going to be the third pull of the tarp (3rd harvest).While the weather may not be perfect at the time I have the option to add supplement lights to give them what they need the...
  6. The Stoned Paddy

    Outdoor grow Ireland Dinafem WW XXL Auto

    Hi all, first time grower from Ireland here looking for slme advise from the experts. I have 5 Dinafem White Widow XXL Autos 70 days old today. The 2 biggest are 110cm tall, the smallest is 83cm and the other 2 about 90cm. My question is gow long do you think i have left before harvest and also...
  7. pop22

    Dinafem DinaMed CBD Quick - Pop22

    A thank you to @Dinafem-Mark who was looking for some growers to showcase this strain. Ohh Yes! I grew a Dinafem CDB Kush a few months ago and loved it! Nice yield, excellent bud! Made great coconut oil! So I decided it was time to try some. This is a photo period crossed with an autoflower...
  8. The Dalai Farmer

    Dinafem Remo Chemo (photo) & Blue Amnesia XXL (auto)

    Hi all and welcome Firstly I'd like to say a huge thankyou to @Dinafem-Mark for supplying the seeds :thumbsup: I shall be growing 1 Remo Chemo and 1 Blue Amnesia xxl, if all goes to plan that is :bow: This will be my first proper Dinafem grow, I did grow the Auto Cookies for the Solo Cup Comp...
  9. Lilly_of_the_Zoo grows Dinafem's Purple Afghan Kush

    Completed Lilly_of_the_Zoo grows Dinafem's Purple Afghan Kush

    This is the second of my two seed packs won from Dinafem during the Festivus 2020 contests. I only managed to get one out of three seeds to pop on this one. They were smaller, and not as uniformly colored as the Blueberry Cookies. Unfortunate, beacuse I was looking forward to these the most. I...
  10. Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Dinafem's Blueberry Cookies

    Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Dinafem's Blueberry Cookies

    These babies are part of my Festivus 2020 prize. Dinafem was absolutely amazing, and so I am giving their seeds prime space in my grow area, so we can see what they can do. I'm so excited about the blueberry genetics. Dinafem was the very first seed I ever grew/ordered, and I can't WAIT to see...
  11. OttoCBD

    Dinafem Dinafem White Widow XXL in a 1 Gallon, Hand-Watered Ebb & Flow

    The following post has been edited to reflect the plans that changed at the last moment Thanks to @Dinafem-Mark, I'm able to experiment with a one gallon, hand-watered ebb & flow system. Up until last night, I didn't plan on starting this grow for another 5 or 6 weeks but with temperature being...
  12. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Dinafem Festivus 2020 Prize Pack from Dinafem - AMAZING!

    Now, I HAD TO put this out there, because @Dinafem-Mark did me so right on the prize pack. I wasn't expecting but the 5pk of seeds, but to my surprise, I was told to pick two strains. I thought maybe that I would get the two strains split between 5 seeds, or maybe a 3 pack of each. I did a...
  13. Qupid

    Indoor Hunting for the creme de la chem

    Dinachem Planted these girls in the tray about 3/4 days ago and perked up nicely after leaving them root bound in 3 inch cubes for a little too long. Plans for the grow are to take cutting for each of the 10 chems and root them in my veg tent while these flower, once everything is nice and...
  14. The Dalai Farmer

    Mars Pro ll Epistar 160 Photo/Auto Grow By The Mugwamp

    Hi all and :welcome: This will be my 5th grow and first full grow from start to finish, using the Mars Hydro Pro ll Epistar 160 My last grow I only switched to the led, from my old 250w mh/hps set up, at around 2 weeks in. The light did her part well, but I let the side down, mainly by cutting...
  15. Trooperwife

    Dinafem Dinafem - Kush CBD Auto

    Finally get to grow a CBD strain for husband, I have read so many good reviews of it from other members and she looks so beautiful, hope I don't mess it up, again,lol @Dinafem-Mark - 11L fabric pot - BioBizz Light Mix - 120 x 60 x 150 grow tent - Hipargero 450w COB and Kingbo 300w Led Light as...
  16. Newtoautogrow

    One of my plants smells weird

    Sup guys and gals.. So I'm currently going 3 mobydick xxl autos and I'm at week 9... 2 of my plants smell dank and very sticky and one of them smells weird(not like weed at all).. Even when I squeeze a bud my fingers are not much sticky or don't smell like weed.. Growing in 5gal pots with soil...
  17. Fitzy

    Dinafem Gorilla auto

    So I didn't get these in time for the dinafem grower of the year competition so I used a cookie but wouldn't u no I got the gorilla autos the other day so got to get some going so I'm germing 2 both already have tails so they got planted today can't wait to see them flower
  18. Nosias

    Grow Mediums 9 Ladies in AutoPots with Coco & Mega Crop

  19. smokeyfromau

    Dinafem Smokey's First time Dinafem Grow - Gorillia Auto

    First time growing a Dinafem seed, and not the last :d5: Auto Gorilla - She was the first up, is doing well, apart from a gnat issues that seem common here. SOIL - Searles Premium Organic Potting Mix A few pics of Auto Gorilla 4th September 9th September
  20. Only1Sky

    Dinafem Dinafem 2019 GOTY Finals - Auto Gorilla (Only1Sky)

    Greetings folks. I'll use this journal to track progress on my two Auto Gorilla plants competing in Dinafem 2019 Grow Battle Finals (Aug 18 to Dec 1). My kit for this grow is: Gorilla Grow tent: 4x4x8 Analog humidifiers with Inkbird Controllers Medium: Roots Organics Original; amended with...