medical cannabis

  1. jcrit

    CBD Study knocks it out of the park

    Yesterday I found a link to a study on the Cannabis Oil Success Stories FB group. Here is that link: Well, the scientists basically proved four MAJOR points about CBD deals with a certain kind of cancer (head and neck squamous cell carcinoma). But...
  2. 420SOS

    Does Cannabis make your heart race?

    This thread was inspired by my last one where @Arthur mentioned sometimes weed would keep him up, which has actually happened to me to. Apart from that, one of the blogposts I'm editing is precisely about that and I was wondering if it actually happened to any of you, do you think it's more...
  3. Eekman

    Video of THC Oil Killing Cancer cells.

    I thought everyone would enjoy seeing this... Two videos:
  4. designpeace

    Live Stoners New to the group

    Good Day All! I’m designpeace, I’m a new grower here. This is my very first and of course I’m struggling to survive! Lol At the moment I have two strains of Shark Shock photo going. I’m using a 315w 930w bulb CMH light. My babies are in 2.5 gallon pots and are 6wks 6 days. For the moment I’m...
  5. Clix

    Indoor RQS Auto Diesel and Easy Bud

    So I just got my seeds and I have to say. I am Very happy with the packaging. It's very professional well built and surely would withstand any abuse in the mailing system. I have some pics below. I will also be updating everyone very soon on the details of how I will be growing these seeds.
  6. Johndowson89

    The godfather of thc

    I recently came across this documentery when researching about how i could produce rso oil and if it would work for someone i know who has cancer. Its about Raphael Mechoulam and when he first discovered and isolated thc which led to endocannabanoids that are narurally in our body and how all...
  7. Mossy

    NEWS Help Needed

    Any members in the Legal States section Interested in giving us a bit of Help..? We'd Love to expand this section with a newly legal #cannabiz directory and a #cannabiz jobs work-shops but we need Help to do that. Anyone Interested..please shout up...:headbang: If any member is Visiting...
  8. pop22

    Breeding projects: First up, Azure Duck!

    I've been learning about breeding cannabis for a while now, but I have a lot to learn as to the science of it. So this can be a learning project we can share, useful, thoughtful comments and information is most welcome! I am NOT an expert, I barely qaulify as an ameture. But I'm determined and...
  9. budelee

    Cannabis and digestive disorders

    Hi guys,i will start posting some articles for the benefit of the community..I take no credit for the information,just passing it along so that it may help somebody..peace and good health to you...
  10. PharmaZ

    Indoor PharmaZ's Mars Hydro Fast&Vast auto Grow

    Welcome to my first auto LED grow. Aside from a few CFL grows with regular photos (no journal) this will be my first quality grow. I was hoping for some guidance and influence from the professional autoflower community here so any comments and advice will be truely welcomed! I've been lurking...
  11. Oldbie

    Ongoing support for medical marijuana.

    I Need to check this out on greater depth, but mercola is generally pro marijuana, so I like to put other people wise to him...
  12. Mossy

    Live Stoners Sanctuary

    Welcome to the Home of AF's in the Year of the Black Dragon......:cool: May the Great Ganja Goddess look down on all our heads and Bless our Efforts in the quest for Legalisation of our Glorious Herb. For Medicine for Pleasure...Genetics to Treasure..