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Aug 8, 2013
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So I just got my seeds and I have to say. I am Very happy with the packaging. It's very professional well built and surely would withstand any abuse in the mailing system. I have some pics below. I will also be updating everyone very soon on the details of how I will be growing these seeds.

@Duggy @RoyalQueenSeeds
Here is the info of the setup I will be running:

Medium: 3L of coco, 3L of perlite and 2 L of pro mix Hp for a total of 8L mixed in 2 gallon containers.

Nutrients: Advanced nutrients coco bloom base nutes from start to finish with their full line up of additives.

Light: I will be starting them under a 50 watt t5 blue spectrum to start then switching to a 350 watt LED

Grow area: 3x3 grow tent

ventilation: 4" can filter and extraction fan. Single fan moving air inside tent.

I will be watering as the plants need it for the first 3 to 5 weeks then switch to everyday once I think the plants can handle it. I will be watering with nutrients every time. There will be a 20% to 40% run off for each plant to help protect against salt build up. The plants will be kept in temps from 75F to 80F with a humidity of 45% to 55%. I usually scrog my plants out but with this grow I am going to allow the plant to grow natural to give a better representation of structure. I will be removing any fan leaves that may block light from penetrating lower on the plants. Seeds have been planted and should pop with in the next 3 to 5 days
So the seeds were placed into a shot glass full of water and allowed to soak until they sunk. They were planted Thursday and some started to brake soil yesterday. All have broken soil but still have the seed shell attached to them. One plant had to be moved to the led tent. I miss calculated room for the girl lol here's some pics sorry for the fuzzy pics my cam is being difficult tonight.

Hello peoples. I have some pics of the Diesel and Easy bud girls. They are about a week old and growth is fairly normal. I started 3 seeds each and I have 3 plants each. Very happy with germination. I had a little high ph going on but it's corrected for now. Well here's some pics

Easy bud

So the T5 lights have been changed up for a 380 watt led. The led is about 38 inches away and I have some par readings to show ruffly what each seedling is getting. The Diesel auto is on the left and the Easy bud is on the right. The Easy bud seems to be all pretty uniform in growth so far. The Diesel on the other hand has one very large girl compared to the other two. I have some pictures to reflect this as well. The larger girl also has some mutant leaves in that the are formed together. Hope you all enjoy the pics :D

oh oh oh We are ten days since sprouted and I'm watering about every 5 days with my base nutes being measured at 0.5Ml per Litter.

So my easy bud although what I consider small for 12 days are very uniform on growth. The Diesel on the other hand has allot of weird looking leaves as almost completely different looking plants so far. One I think is going to be a dwarf if it even continues to grow right. Here's some pics to show what I'm seeing.

Easy bud on the right looking all uniform

Diesel looking all....something lol
Hey @Son of Hobbes I came across a video of a guy that did soil bacteria analysis before and after watering with chlorinated tap water and a test on how much chlorine was in the tap water fresh out of tap vs 12hrs later and vs coming out of a hose sprayer. I was curious if this would be beneficial information some where on site. If so where should I post the youtube link? Thanx for your help in advance :D
Diesel on the right and Easy bud on the left. Growth has taken off and both varieties have started to show good growth daily. Even the little girls lol

Update for these girls we're at 24 days and the easy bud on the right showed sex at 17 days and have shown signs of buds starting witch will be in the pics. The Diesel is still growing strong although some unseasonably hot weather has been aggravating them. The Diesel has showed no signs of pre sexing making me a little nervous lol heres some pics

Easy Bud on the right Deisel on the left

Easy bud structure

Diesel lack of sexing lol

Easy bud what looks like flowers just starting

Diesel structure

Easy buds sexed

Hoping the diesel starts showing soon. Other wise they are going to be huge in flower and may over shadow the easy bud. That's all for now. Hope every ones has a fine day indeed.