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  1. Maelasae

    Live Stoners New to the forum!

    Happy to get acquainted, what is this place? What's the vibe? Is this a live chat-based forum? This one was hard to find-- is the logo mushrooms?? A crown? A crown of mushrooms? I like it.
  2. Sawney_bean

    Indoor SAWNEY BEAN. Pssst! Over here.
    Threadmarks: SAWNEY BEAN . Breeder . Cross strain specialist.

    This is where I will post all my content.
  3. M

    New Grower RQS Bubble Kush Auto

    2nd try at growing my own :) My setup : 600W LED MARS HYDRO 2x2x4 tent w/ inline fan and carbon filter Humidifier Oscilating fan Grow medium: Biobizz Lightmix Ph range - 6.3-6.5 Day temp - 26-28C Humidity : 65-78% Light schedule : 20/4, now 18/6 due to extreme heatwave we having...
  4. Bubble Kush auto the beginnings

    Bubble Kush auto the beginnings

    Decided to go with Bubble Kush Auto from RQC as my first ever grow. I'm expecting to learn a lot along the way. :toke: So i germinated the seed in paper towel method Sprouted real fast within 48 hours. For this grow I'm going with coco/perlite in 4 Gal pot My starter kit is from Marsh Hydro...
  5. T


  6. First Time Indoor Auto Grow

    First Time Indoor Auto Grow

    Hello fellow friends, I am a new grower looking for some insight on my plant and my grow tent setup. It's coming to the third week since it sprouted and I believe it is not growing as fast as it should. My setup is: - 60x60x160 cm tent - soil is a mix of coco and perlite (pH 6.8) - seed strain...
  7. Luketheduke

    New Grower 100% New to growing

    Hey everyone, I found this forum the night that I started to germ and I was a bit overwhelmed and nervous to post as I didnt want to be ridiculed. But yall seem like a good friendly bunch of people so here we go... I ordered 3 gorilla glue seeds and 3 G13 seeds. All autos of course. I live in...
  8. Twenty20 Mendocino Genetics: Girl Crush & Avenue of the Giants

    Twenty20 Mendocino Genetics: Girl Crush & Avenue of the Giants

    I'm so STOKED at the new strains I got from this breeder. The genetics he used are just AMAZING sounding, and I cant WAIT to see what happens in this tent. You can even get a catalogue from this breeder, which showcases ALL his strains for sale right now, with great photos. I'm more excited...
  9. E

    Newbie needs help - Damaged Leaves

    I'm brand new and this is my first grow. Autoflower - Train Wreck. I germinated seed on 09-01-20. Radicle emerged on 09-03-20 and planted that same day using Foxfarm Happy Frog Potting Soil in a 2 gallon bag). It sprouted the very next day on 09-04-20 and the seed coat was stuck on one of the...
  10. LetsBeBudz

    New Grower First Grow SoFem UK Cheese Skunk and Hindu Kush Skunk

    Hello, just wanting to share some pictures of where I'm at with my first grow. I'll keep updating with pictures through flower as I use any advice given. Tent: 32"x32" Light: SpiderFarmer SF2000 Currently at 20 inches 4gal pots Coco Coir/Perlite 70/30% 10inch fan intake, 6 inch fan...
  11. A

    First time grower seedling issues

    Hi! I started a grow a few days ago 3 of my girls look great but the 4th one not so hot. I just don’t know what’s going on. I just need a little help
  12. jloor

    first grow ever, northern lights problem

    hi, im new and its my first time growing any kind of plants. i have a 60x60x120 cm indoor, 100 mm extractor, 1 fan, 4 plants in pots of 11 liters, and a tesla 180 led ( 108 real watts) i plant the germinated seed in a 11 lt pot with light mix of biobizz, and now im in the 12 day since de...
  13. 420SOS

    Live Stoners Hey everybody!

    Hello guys, I'm a cannabis researcher, writer, editor and blogger but I'm quite new at harvesting. I'm hoping to learn while perhaps I share a little bit of what I know and do with you, Stay lifted!
  14. Ozzie Greenthumb

    New Grower Grow journal disappeaed from page.. check this out

    https://www.autoflower.org/t...ngerine-dream-and-sour-kush-cheap-grow.7189 Hey guys go check my girls out please? Tag thread and follow
  15. Ozzie Greenthumb

    Live Stoners Long time grower, new to indoor and autoflower.

    Hey afn, I am Ozz coming to you from the Great Smokey Mountains. Looking to fine tune my skills and master the indoor autoflower grow as I am hoping that cannabis will soon become legal and I can start my own business. I have a journal going with 2 autoflowers and 1 photo. It is day 12 and so...
  16. Bandana

    New Grower 1st Grow - Ethos OG Kush R5 Auto

    Hello This is my 1st grow, the plants are 3 weeks old from sprout. I have 1 Cherry Wine Reg Seed and 3 OG Kush R5. I am using Coco Coir, General Hydroponics trio and a 69.99 ebay 1,000 Watt LED Light :haha: I have made some mistakes on the way, I believed some received some wind burn in the...
  17. Groku

    Live Stoners Hello AFN.

    Hey there everyone. You can call me groku(like Goku). I've been lurking for a while now. But now it's time to step out of the shadows :toke: so I'm not sure what to say about myself really. I live in the great white North. I have loved and used cannabis for about 15 years now. Its just such a...
  18. Bandana

    Live Stoners New grower !

    Just passing along to say hi, been reading for some time now but this is my first time posting. Currently on my first grow, 3 Ethos OG Kush Auto on a 1,000 watt ebay led light :yeahthat: .
  19. Medimadness

    Live Stoners WAZZUP fellow autothusiasts :)

    Hey guys New to the forum and growing in general so I'm really happy to finally be making a contribution to a site that I've been an unregistered lurker on for years. Currently living in South West England, and am just waiting on joining my local Social Cannabis club as I am a medical user...
  20. S

    Live Stoners New mem ole lurker

    So new Member here :) , but have been a lurker for years in the auto flower game b4 there was much stability, Now coming back years later , where there’s Mephisto and Dinas xxxl blah blah , compared to the dwarfs back in the day , there’s a lot of improvement , I’m just running a test tent...