1. R

    Leaf damage getting worse : HD picture update please help!

    Hi everyone, I've posted before about this but the issue is progressing and I've brought proper pictures this time! Growing all auto's, the worst problems are on mephistos samsquanch and skwalker. Stats: Coco loco/ocean forest/pearlite 1:1:1 soil 20 gal pots+ vam endo and azomite Feed every 3...
  2. SpaceToteToker

    Autoflower NUTES by Dutch Pro... Thoughts??

    Does anybody have any experience with this, quite pricey for the rangs, With my setup using biobizz light mix and ALL biobizz nutes for soil grow,, but was massively overfeeding them, up to 2ml at some points in ONE LITRE! Anyways, thinking of investing but wanted to get some opinions firstly
  3. P

    Old Reviews How much nute solution do you give your plants FF

    I have been using FF trio and am wondering once you mix your nutes how much do you give each plant? Water until runnoff with it or just saturate the soil? A quart or a half gallon what are you guys doing?
  4. Carecrab

    Potassium deficiency?

    Good evening boys and girls! Watered my plants 2 days ago and went away from home and when I came back I started to see som leaves showing signs of deficiency. I think it's a potassium deficiency but I'm not 100%sure. She's a 4,5w old girl, and she's flowering and I've been feeding her...
  5. BigBudz2020

    New Grower Needing Help and Advice

    Hi guys, I think I'm posting in the right section? Apologies if I'm not. I am going to be planting some Think Different Autos from Dutch Passion in my greenhouse as I have heard they do well in the UK climate. I am planting straight into an 11litre pot once my seeds are germinated as I have...
  6. Bgddsq

    Nutrients Feeding schedule opinions

    Hello AFN . I would like to hear some opinions regarding this feeding schedule ( ratios , products ). I want to say that this schedule isn't tested yet and i would like to hear from you what do you think ? Will it be effective ? Or is it useless? This schedule is based on Advanced Nutrients...
  7. T

    Questions about Greenleaf Megacrop Nutes

    Hi guys, I am interested in trying Greenleaf Megacrop Nutes after being told they are good quality. Growing in Coco Coir. I made a post about wanting to switch nutes from Canna Coco A+B. I used these nutes for my first run, but they're pretty damn overpriced so I want to switch. I have some...
  8. Tumbleweed59

    Indoor Seedsman 2 Kush 1 seed, RSQ diesel, D.P. glueberry OG

    Hello fellow AFN farmers. This is my third attempt to get my journal written. I have one in New Growers that’s coming close to completion if you want to check it out. But first I want to give a shout out to all the members that gave me advice and positive comments on my current grow. Especially...
  9. G

    White Widow auto and Newbie.

    I was hoping for some help with this White Widow Auto. It is 5 weeks from sprout. It looks pretty healthy, although a few lower leaves showed a nitro deficiency so I added a bit a few days ago. Haven't noticed a change yet but I went easy. It's in Strawberry Fields potting soil so it had some...
  10. CoviklaFlaire

    Plant metabolism ? stupid question..

    Hy guys first I have to say i was never botanic guy, Im more animals/pet guy, And I was never dreaming of becoming grower (from hustler to grower lol!) , but now that I am i got one question, I try to google it but no success..My question is , how long it takes for plant to consume nutrients...
  11. T

    New Grower Fast and Vast Ideal Nutes for NFT Hydro (and when shall I switch lights)

    Hi everyone Was keen to get some direction on the ideal nutes for a Fast and Vast grow in NFT. Some info on my setup I have a 100ltr tank, tap water runs at EC .6 (perfect!), ph always between 5.8-6.2, x2 600 HID lights with veg bulbs For all previous grows, none of which are autos, I always...
  12. E

    New Grower Which nutrient starter pack?

    Which nutrient starter pack? Dear AFN bud-dies! :bighug: A while ago I did an info thread for a range of <Nutrients / Fertilizer Starter Packs / Kits Info and Links (2016-09-24)>, partly to work through all things myself and partly to save other AFN people the trouble of searching it all...
  13. stillSmokin420

    New Grower Help with Watering

    im gonna be growing in soil airpots i hear people telling me dont worry about the ph... do they mean ph of the soil or ph of the water.... im gonna use tap water i was gonna fill a res full of water let it sit with airstones in it and feed it to plants... am i right or wrong?
  14. Daipot

    New Grower First grow: Sensi Seeds, super skunk auto.... so far

    hey lovely people of AFN! This is my first grow so far. I've been growing super skunk by sensi, but I also have 2 heavyweight fast and vast in there, 2 world of seeds amnesia, 1 dark purple and 1 sweet devil(which I fear isn't gonna make it). Just to clarify, I have been posting in another...
  15. Vedder6.0

    Old Reviews sea grow shelf life?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if sea grow (or any fert for that matter) has a shelf life? i basically bought a couple things of sea grow buckets that i havent gone thru yet, but both of these were purchased years ago i realized. just seeing if I can still feed my plants with some fet purchased...
  16. Dr. Babnik

    Old Reviews Advanced Nutrients - pH-perfect Grow/Bloom vs Connoisseur series

    Hi all! Looking at AN products. Anyone have something they want to share about the various lines of base nutes? I have enough ferts, but I would like to read your experiences. Also I tend to hoard chemicals... About the Connoisseur line they say "for top-notch growers" and clame up to 43%...
  17. Dr. Babnik

    New Grower How Far is My Plants in Flowering

    Hey, brothers and sisters. How far are my Super Skunk flowers? When to shift from AN Big Bud to Overdrive? What feed is optimal at this stage? Super Skunk Day 58, p6 by Dr. Babnik posted May 8, 2016 at 5:53 PMSuper Skunk Day 58, p5 by Dr. Babnik posted May 8, 2016 at 5:53 PMSuper Skunk Day 58...
  18. Dr. Babnik

    Live Stoners My new indoor hobby

    Hi, all! I got a new hobby... My setup: Silverbox DR3 60x60x160 cm tent Cfl 250W, 6400K for veg and 2700K for bloom. 1 small fan - I need another one when the plants reaches approx 25 cm. As for now, there is movement in all 4 seedlings. My first grow. Pics in the album is from day 18. 2...
  19. ApprenticeFarmer

    Live Stoners Hello AFN family!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to start my first Autoflower grow very soon. I'm thinking of purchasing some Auto Amnesia Haze, Auto Moby Dick and Auto Critical Mass, firstly whats your opinion on the strains I've chosen? I think I'm going to opt for a 250w HPS system as my grow space is limited. I'm...
  20. Bum

    Indoor Nutrients

    What nutrients do you guys use? Do you use their full line, if not which do you use? When and how much do you start with? How much did it cost you? Its so much fun browsing nutes and additives, but which actually makes a worth difference? Im looking for something real simple, one or two parts...