1. C

    Fast Buds Fastbuds - unknown strain from a mix-pack.

    Hi guys! I ordered a mix-pack from Fastbuds and i have no idea of what seeds I’ve got - but it has some purple hues in it, so it should be one from that category. She’s a little bit sensitive to nutrients and are in need of a couple of hours lights off. Anyone got an idea of what strain this...
  2. mdabber

    Photography LSD25 (fast buds)

    Soil grown
  3. Grows

    Indoor WestCoast OG & Strawberry Pie Auto - FastBuds

    Some pics before I harvested my WestCoast OG & Strawberry Pie Autos. WestCoast I had 3/3 all purple + Strawberry's are caked with frost!
  4. C

    Grow Room Micro Grow, Purple Kush CBD 1:1 Auto.

    Purple Kush CBD 1:1 Auto - Seedsman 9-10 weeks BREEDER/BRAND Seedsman GENETICS Purple Kush CBD Auto x Purple Afghan CBD Auto VARIETY Mostly Indica FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering SEX Feminised THC CONTENT 7% CBD CONTENT 8% GROWS Indoors, Outdoors FLOWERING TIME 63 days seed to maturity MEDICINAL...
  5. K

    Urgent!! - Rotten Buds - Harvest - cut/keep

    Hey there, I was starting the harvest on one of my 3 dp autos today and had to realise i got bud rot :(( While certain areas where clearly covered in mold other buds don't really seem affected yet. I'm really uncertain though. The one's I'm 99% sure arent affected where put in a drying room...
  6. MasterTarzan

    New Grower: RocBudInc Passion Punch & Purple Scoops

    Hey I’ve been lurking here for awhile watching & learning. I decided to start posting so I can get some help & get better. Here’s some RocBudInc Purple Scoops (Day 30) & Passion Punch (Day 50). Any tips or advice is appreciated. I’m growing w a MarsHydro ts3000 w coco loco in 3 gallon pots...
  7. Lilly_of_the_Zoo grows Dinafem's Purple Afghan Kush

    Completed Lilly_of_the_Zoo grows Dinafem's Purple Afghan Kush

    This is the second of my two seed packs won from Dinafem during the Festivus 2020 contests. I only managed to get one out of three seeds to pop on this one. They were smaller, and not as uniformly colored as the Blueberry Cookies. Unfortunate, beacuse I was looking forward to these the most. I...
  8. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Dinafem Festivus 2020 Prize Pack from Dinafem - AMAZING!

    Now, I HAD TO put this out there, because @Dinafem-Mark did me so right on the prize pack. I wasn't expecting but the 5pk of seeds, but to my surprise, I was told to pick two strains. I thought maybe that I would get the two strains split between 5 seeds, or maybe a 3 pack of each. I did a...
  9. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Photography Some Ayahuasca Purple Bud porn- Trichy-est EVER

    I was editing photos last night, and i came across these two, that are from the FIRST AYP that I took down (this is the one in the photos I submitted to Mars Hydro for the light contest) She was so pretty, but i didnt realize just how COVERED she was, until i came across this unedited photo (s)...
  10. Frostiest AYP ever

    Frostiest AYP ever

    get in close to that photo... don't you just want to shove your face in there and take a bite? me too.
  11. SUPER-FROST ayahuasca Purple

    SUPER-FROST ayahuasca Purple

    This is one of the frostiest photos ive ever taken. look how THICK those trichs are! The only plant ive grown that comes close to it is my Glue Breath. But this one is a bit darker. It's like it's been coated in powdered sugar, almost.
  12. Ayahuasca 2

    Ayahuasca 2

    Another green cola. one of the 2 in that tent was more green than the other. Not sure why, because they were the exact same cut. They grew next to each other their entire lives, but when they were in veg, they had different lights. I think the greener one had a generic LED. Maybe that was it
  13. Ayahuasca 1

    Ayahuasca 1

    one of the colas on the first SCROG of my AYP. Pretty, but this was one of the greener buds. Most of them were black-ish purple, and a sea spray green color. Very pretty plant
  14. Ayahuasca Purple Flowering Under 2 Mars Hydro TS1000's

    Completed Ayahuasca Purple Flowering Under 2 Mars Hydro TS1000's

    *She is harvested now! Please see pg. 11 of this entry for harvest photos!* So here we have TWO mothers, BOTH 5 foot PLUS a few, just thrown into flower last night. I had to have assistance, to hold the pots sideways while I slowly guided each branch into its square. The previous cuts of...
  15. Ayahuasca Purple-3242.jpg

    Ayahuasca Purple-3242.jpg

    even the side buds are purpling, and SOLID.
  16. Ayahuasca Purple-3247.jpg

    Ayahuasca Purple-3247.jpg

    This is the main cola. the colors are ABSOLUTELY there. all I did was edit the exposure, and a touch to the light/shadow play. This plant absolutely glowed in the flash of the camera. One of the stickiest plants I've ever encountered. This one is a photo, but she is so pretty I just had to show her
  17. The^Dude

    New Grower First grow, outdoor GCS Critical Purple Cold Weather

    Welcome! I need input! First the basics I suppose: Grower's Choice Seeds Critical Purple I'm trying to slightly follow Mr. Canuck's Grow autoflower recipe. I'm using mostly coco, perlite, and some FFOF. My dry amendments are Dr. Earth, 5-5-5 and Annual Bloom 3-7-4. I've added Mykos to the...
  18. Ted Dibiasse

    Indoor Morning Star Seed Co. Auto Purple Microdot

    Auto Purple Microdot was a breeze to grow. Did it autoflower? Yes week 4 Smell and taste? Skunk and citrus Height? 105cm Yield? 70g Age at harvest? 75 days High Energetic sativa buzz In conclusion, APMD got big fast and is potent! She will be grown again very soon!
  19. KrazyDave

    Nutrients Cream Mandarine XL, Biotabs & Coco with COBs

    How' it going seed poppers o/ I want to start this diary with a massive thank you to @Hippy_BiotabsF70 and @Biotabs F69 for allowing me to test out their starter kit, so thank you very much guys. I hope I do you proud! Grow Specs: 1x1x2m Secret Jardin DR100 - I managed to get this second hand...
  20. A

    New Grower Newbie With Purple Auto.

    Hi fellas, First attempt at Feminised Purple Bud auto from White Label. Up until late on during vegging everything was going well, nice green leaves, big fans etc. Started showing pre-flowers, and now I have buds. I believe I have Nitrogen Toxicity, as most of my leaves are clawed, some are...