Mephisto Genetics Connoisseur Automatics:Part-2

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Sep 17, 2013
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High all,

Just wanted to start another thread for my @mephisto grow(s).I have a Sour Hound and a Cush X Chemdogging. SO,SO damned good smoke since I got new seeds started I would do a new thread.I had 100 pages,so I thought it prudent to maybe do a smaller one eh?! LOL!

And here is the Part one Thread this is taking over for. Loads of nice grows and damned fine Auto smoke..

Well I already have some Plants going but it is summer and I think that the higher heat levels gave the beans an issue in its travels IMO. it happens. BUT I did start 2 new beans.A Sour Hound and a good ole Cush n Chemdogging. but ill talk more about the plants next post most likely. every season I tend to have issues of this sort.Especially if I dont do much,which I have not even tried since I have sooooo much damn crap going on I dont have time really. So i'll do some far better grows over the cooler months.

Looking good man.Have you tryed the liver yet? I havn't seen the kush chem on there site,where did you get those from?
Hey @namvet25 yes I have all the livers are nice and yummy. the Auto is a bit on the cheesy side i guess you could say.but the Sour livers is also a nice blend of sour and Livers.the Stilton is a floral sweet livers really. the NCH is alright.not my type of smoke really but nice. but them Livers are really nice.especially in a yogurt with a gram and a half decarbed with a teaspoon of Lecithin and POW!! LOL! The CuchXChemdogging was a tester i did for Mitch and crew some years ago now ,but its remained a staple in my Auto garden. I mentioned I really would like 18 Cuch n Chems and got them. maybe they dont do them anymore..? a real shame if not because its a damn fine medium sized plant.slightly on the smaller side of medium but a good sized plant with killer meds from 10-40 amber. WOOOO! tried the Toof decay too actually. good sweet mild Indie smoke.

Thanks fellas! summer tends to be far shittier for me growing. so I tend to do less awesome.but in another cpol months that'll change as it always does.LOL!
its all great smoke. my only issue is aith the Northern Cheese HAze. It just not typically my kinda smoke is all. but the scents ,effects groth patterns and the like are excellent br. promise. you wont be disappointed in the slightest with the Sour Liver and/or stilton. the auto livers are more livers too,they're excellent if you like the cheesy types youll be sold like I am./ Kick ass smokey type plants man. promise. very difficult to describe the smalls. the effects are a more day ish typof smoke but I smoke often and use caps n stuff a lot so imho I think they are nicely potent and smelling lovely and awesome tasting unique to Mitch n crew as per usual. stellar beans man
Okey doke,well as I stated some cpl weeks ago,if they didnt perform Id yank them.The beans Im convinced got cooked or something in transit.CDLC didnt work at all.the GGG4 isnt far better.its warm here sure but not bad enough to do the super stunting and under development or the deeper root structure.So i planted others.Almost yanked the yeti, but that's the only one doing anything with height and small can see it in all of them.ill placing an order for some Sour Hound today.I noticed they're going extinct.LOl shitty deal indeed. so a 3 pack of DG if available AND a bunch of my favorite smoke.Sour Hound,cuch n Chem.huge winner,blows me away ya'll are doing away with them broham :D but got a pic of the Yeti.a cuch n chem sprout and 2 more SH's and others will be sowed this afternoon.

ok well i thought I took a pic of the Yeti.LOL back toast atm but ill get a pic in a day or two I promise you!!real shame the others didnt perform.hell the CDLC didnt barely pop.