Gnome Automatics Gnome genetics for the UK?

The Bedroom Gardener UK

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Jun 2, 2011
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Guys I would love to see some Gnome genetics being grown in UK soil.

Can you recommend any vendors who will ship to this side of the pond?

Regular seeds would be better than femmed, but I'll not turn my nose up at any leads.
@The Bedroom Gardener UK
Have you registered on MVB's site and joined their sub on /r/? They're spot on with drop and stock posts. Unfortunately looks like just 5 pack/s of Anvil in stock rn.

Yeah, I had looked there but they do not ship internationally. Otherwise they would be down those Anvil, fems or not
Actually Gnome announced recently that they are no longer offering Regular seed.

That is good to know bud, I'll definitely take what I can get then.
@The Bedroom Gardener UK Hmm. MultiverseBeans was shipping internationally, and haven't heard that it's stopped. Might be worth contacting Paul through the site. Best of luck with an order!!

edit: Just checked the FAQ...#4:
Q: Do you ship international?
A: YES! We will ship to any country. Please email us ( for more details.

And this is FAQ #1:
Q: Do you guarantee delivery?
A: Yes, within the US. If your order is not delivered, we will reship it.

NO clue on shipping methods, just that I've seen a more than a handful of happy EU/UK/Worldwide customers post on /r/