Is this enough height for cobs?

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Oct 22, 2016
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Its a new area that will be purpose built,1.8m (6') high in the middle. 1.3m (4'4") at the side posts.
Floor area is big but I will probably keep things tight in the middle. Lets say 4x4
Currently 40x screw in led bulbs are used. I know they aren't efficient but they do work with minimal head room.

I see a lot of light burned plants and huge distances to the canopy from cob users. This set up can afford neither.

So plan A is to go cob crazy
Plan B is to put a few cobs in mixed with the screw in bulbs
Plan C (which I like) is cobs up top and use the 40 screw ins as side lighting.

Any input will be very much appreciated.


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My tent is only 6' 6" and it's more than plenty. I'm sure you'll be fine too. Go cob crazy... Building your own? there is a section here for help if you are.
Happy growing! :vibe:
Would you worry about making the cobs height adjustable or fix them directly to the ceiling?
You need minimum 20-30cm space between COBs and plants. Maybe scrog net will help with that.
I was under the house where temps were stable but mold was ever present. Unfortunately I found termites eating the house frame and had to call in the pest exterminators.
I had to break everything down and destroy my setup wasting hundreds of hours of effort and losing 80% of my harvest (including seed run) to mold. At any time termites can return forcing me to break the setup again because the guys need to get under the house.

So Im going up to the attic with the heat and the cold this time armed with an aircon. The walls will be double insulated and I can draw air from inside the house which will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
The humidity here is brutal but it's worse closer to the ground.

As I will have more space up there I can even stop growing during summer and winter and pull 2 crops a year when the weather is more mild.

So yes I am aware of the potential disadvantages but it really is my only option
Also I do flood and drain with the res buried in the dirt under the house to maintain a solid temp. I will pump the water up from under the house so res temps will be no problem.