It's about time..Dutch Passion and ChilLED grow light


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Apr 1, 2017
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So it begins....

It has taken me over 30 years to have a magic garden once again. So it is something I have thought about and really hoped that once when we retired I could start it up again. My lovely bride of 46 years said lets move to Colorado so we can be close to the grand daughter. And also she said so you can grow, "I know you would like to do it again."

Well I may be a bit on the slower side these days but I was never stupid. So here I am.

I was very lucky to have found this group of loving and caring growers. I like many here have been more than over whelmed by all of the choices I needed to make. I have spent many months reading and learning from all of you and so I believe I am now ready.

Way back when I had my first two, and only two grows, I was able to get some beans from the man himself Neville and from the his seed bank in Holland. Those were Northern Lights and they grew tall and well. So I will have some Northern Lights in my tent this time also.

Here is the accumulation of those many choices.
1. The tent is a 5 x 5 x 7 from La Garden. It was easy to set up and is holding up all of my gear. It will be vented to outside the utility room, 18' x 8'. I will use a 6" fan and filter. I have a controller for the fan. I have run the light for 5 days now. Trying to get a feel for all of the new gear.



2. The light is a ChilLED 400 watt commercial. That means they put it together for me. I am not a DYI guy. It was hand built by GrowMau5 and created by Vitaly. I am more than excited to use this light. in the pic below I am using the light to help dry out my CoCo. I will run 20/4. I believe that every thing needs to sleep. No DEEP truth data, just my belief.

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 31 x 28.5 x 10 in



3. The system will be AutoPots. I will be using 4ea 3.9 gallon and 2ea 2.2 gallon. I want to try the same strain in each pot size. I am using Roots Organics 5KG compressed Coco. It was not too bad to uncompress, but I am still drying it out.
4. I will, to the best I can, follow the success of @Hansbricks. I will try like hell not to deviate. So I will use AN as described in his last grow. I will not supplement with any CO2.
5. The strain will be 2 auto Blackberry Kush and 2 auto Colorado Cookies from Dutch Passion. I will also run 2 auto Northern lights from Royal Queen. These Northern Lights will be for Neville.
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I'm here on time for a change!
You are so on time. I have not really ready. I have dropped the beans this afternoon and I have some pics on the camera. But I need to vape on the Pura Vida @SPZ here I go. You will see more by Noon Rocky MT time. Thanks for finding me.:welcome:
Congrats getting settled in and launching your new setup. With that light and the DP genetics you are gonna blast off!

I'm strapped in for the ride, brother!
Congrats getting settled in and launching your new setup. With that light and the DP genetics you are gonna blast off!

I'm strapped in for the ride, brother!

Glad you are here for some great lessons in masterful efforts mixed with who knows what. All I need to do is not to kill 'em before
their time. Glad you are with me. I just now need to learn to play the harmonica, 'cause I know I can not strum a note on the guitar.


Also I want to match your clean tent garden. Such lines and textures. You know how I like them :blahblah:

I wish I had the money to do ChilLeds. Can you give us more information? Space size, which ChilLeds, grow type, Nutrients, CO2, etc...............