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Nov 3, 2020
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Hey AFN! :pass:

Thanks to @Seedstockers-Mark , I am able to test out some CBG Zerodue that I will be growing outdoors in our beautiful Canadian summers :woohoo:

I germinated the seeds two days ago in a cup of water for 24hours then they went directly into their solo cup full of Gaia Green Living soil.

They sprouted this morning looking beautiful!
The seed on the left had a little issue with the seed still glued on the cotyledons, but I removed it carefully this morning and all looks completely fine, no harm done!


Once they hit the 3rd node, I will be transplanting them outside in the garden will all my others vegetables.

I will be doing weekly updated on those beautiful girls so make sure to follow the grow!

See ya later AFN!:pighug:
Hey all, thanks for joining the grow, I really appreciate it :joy:

Day 5 (18-6 light cycle)

They've grown a good amount and looking healthy, second set of leaves is coming in!

RH is a bit low (in the 50s right now), but they look fine and the soil in drying every 2-3 days so I'm not concerned. I have them temporary in my 2x2 tent while my other grow is drying in the 4x2.

I'll come back in a few days when they are a little more mature

Cheers! :smokeout:
Day 13

They are in the garden now yeahh!! I think it was time because they had a really tiny amount of soil in those cups and I did not wanted to risk root problems.



I'm very exited to see what I'll be able to achieve with those girls outside, I found them a nice little spot at the back to protect them from the wind as much as possible since the stems are still very small :joy:

I'll be back in a few days AFN!

Thanks for checking in :baked:
Day 29

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, really busy schedule...

Girls are growing like crazy and they are super healthy, we have an amazing soil quality in our garden and it's really showing.



I'm letting mother nature do her work, we've been getting a couple of rainy days lately so they are getting plenty of natural rain water and the soil is full of beneficial microbes so I don't have to feed anything yet. I don't think I'll even have to feed them until harvest to be fair.

See you guys next time!