Springtails, or am I F@(%€|)¿

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May 5, 2017
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Like topic says, are these Springtails or something Nasty? First spotted today and I basically look every day to see that's everything is OK. Found in my tray of the autopot. The only thing I gave my plant different is enzyme yesterday, old bottle dough.


Please be springtails. If someone could confirm my suspicious I'll be Allright. Read that they won't do any harm, in case they are springtails they acsually are beneficial.
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Hey man,

Kinda hard to tell from the picture but how many are there? Are they on your plants at all? Top of the media? Do you leave dead leaves on top of your media? What did you give them?

:smoking: 99% sure these are springtails,.. but you can confirm easily.. just poke at one, and if it teleports away, there you go! Not a serious pest at all, they eat decaying matter,... a population explosion is annoying though, so any garden safe pesti' will take them out.....
Oh, here comes the kavallery. Thank you very much (both of you) @neurotree and @Waira .
Then it is confirm, i didnt have to touch them, they stayed in line and did "snap" , "teleport" one at the time every 10-15th second or so. I had/have like 20 or so in the tray. Mostly look dead. Nothing in top of coco or on the plant. Then i leave them alone, they can eat their stomachs full of what they now can find tasty in the tray. But if they making love and trying to build a home, i will make them very dissapointed :warrior::tang::muahaha:

Thank you again for helping me out. Hopefully this little thread will help someone else with the same question/(not)problem.

Ps: Waira your garden looks so warm, friendly, and so relaxing.
:pass:Cheers mate! .... ahh, that garden is at my client friends place.. alas, it's not mine... thanks just the same!