The things to know about Growing Northern Lights Autoflowers

Sep 8, 2016
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This is a simple request for putting some of your personal knowledge and good growing tips for northern lights auto flowers
I recently grew a northern lights auto with a seed from Nirvana . That plant grew so fast and tall and went over 3ft tall . I noticed that alot of seed selling sites describe it as a short compact plant . I experienced the opposite . Can someone tell me the true specs on a northern lights auto-flower .
this Is what I think I know about this strain , but I am far from Dr. Northern Lights
Northern lights is a Indica dominate I think
it grows short And squatty and high ?
A good medical source for relieving pain (this I know from experience )
I think it’s a very easy to grow sturdy little hearty survivor type plant that can take high heat temps
Perhaps Northern lights autofloweris low odor ,The NL plant I grew hardly smelled .
Please can Anyone help with their experience , knowledge or opinion on cultivating this wonderful plant ?
Hello 3ft is short they can grow 1.2 metre yes indica dom 80% to 90% and very easy to grow and yes very good for pain relief
there are so many variable with growing that they grow in all shapes and sizes from the same packet of beans and they are easy to grow compared to other strains in my experience only grown 3 off them tho
the only thing to know about NL is -> they take fuckin foreverrrrr to grow :face: :crying: ..........jus sayin & carry on plz :coffee: ppp
I've grown a few ILGM Northern Lights Autos. One was a pretty big plant, though due to my CFL setup in a trash can, I got a measly harvest from it...only 9 grams.

My second grow was in a proper tent with a Budget LED (225 watts I think) and it only got about a foot tall. However, it was loaded with ultra-dense colas and I ended up pulling 5 ounces from it after 83 days. It's a fantastic smoke, but like others have said, the size will vary from plant to plant and from setup to setup. Just roll with it, it's nature.
Had 3 outside in pots last year. Got to about 5 feet tall.

This year I have a stumpy one.
This one is a runt, only a foot tall. This one will go dark on Thursday, 90 days. Out of the 6 plantz of these i've grown, none have been over 18 inches with LST, and all have finished around 90 days. This one was started indoors for the first 2 months, then into the greenhouse for the last month. Haven't given it anything but water for the last 3 weeks so it would finish up naturally.


2 week old auto flower Northern light babies in Ebb and Flow
2 week old 5 northern lights Autos in 2x2 with ebb and flow set up , I have no idea what’s gonna happen . Keeping resivor water temps down with frozen water bottles . Staying around 100 degrees in tent . I will keep ya posted .
im kinda winging it at this point and really don’t how it will work out as I normally grow in soil . I know it’s a lot of plants but I thought I could snip a few lower branches as they get bigger .


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Using a Colman ice chest for revisor to battle the heat
Wow some real nice plants guys , NL autoflower Seeds I used for plants in pics are from ILGM . Seeds were $15 each
There was one thing I noticed with the northern lights after harvest was a lot of tiny stems