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The Firefly 2+ is a phenomenonal device, but with a hefty price tag of $249. Is it worth it? From the superb all metal shell design, to the all Boro airpath, excellent build quality, and all around great vape. In my opinion... Yes. The device boasts a convection heater with a 3 second on demand heat up response time. It is activated by two touch sensors located on either side near the bowl, which gives the device an analog feel. The bowl and the entire vapour path is Boro-Silicate, with the exception of the replaceable mouthpiece. The bowl holds about .25 grams of dry herb and the flavour is unrivaled by any other small portable device. Firefly includes two concentrate pads in the box that works best with a rice grain sized dab, and concentrates are where this device shines most in my opinion. It produces a crisp and clean taste.​


Controlling the output of the device is a breeze with the Firefly app on your smartphone. The controls are very straightforward. Adjust temp with the slider, monitor battery life, calibrate the heater output, and change the activation method from two touch sensors to a single sensor. It's all very simplistic.

I've had mine for about 2 years, and with all the good that I've said so far, there are a couple of drawbacks to mention.

First off, the battery.

It's a mere 770 mah proprietary battery, and it drains fast. About 7 sessions, and it needs charged. Even though it is proprietary it is replaceable. If you have a spare you can just swap it when one is drained. But to me, it's a drawback because they're a little costly. The unit is supplied with one cradle charger. With your own USB power block adapter, the unit charges in about 1 hour. It's not a terrible wait time, but it is still inconvenient to not have a readily available battery option. The factory installed battery in mine lasted around one year, which is a normal lifespan for a Lithium ion battery. But again, It's just somewhat of a hassle waiting for a replacement when your battery dies without warning. In my opinion, It could be that much better if the unit utilized more readily available batteries, such as high Amp 18350's.

Lastly.. cleaning maintenance can be a pain.

The Boro-Silicate isn't that difficult to clean up with ISO. But residue builds quickly and any excess that builds in the bowl can clog the air pathway holes at the bottom of bowl. Eventually hardening and obstructing airflow causing excessive heat build up, and minimizing vape production. This happens especially when using concentrates in the device, if not kept clean. Firefly Vapor provides a syringe tip to poke the holes out in the accessories kit if it should clog.

Despite these drawbacks, I thoroughly enjoy the device. It has a nostalgic 'real' pipe feel that I like. It gives an excellent dry herb vape, and concentrates are stellar in it. At only 5 inches long, and less that 1.5 inches wide... It's a pocketable powerhouse. If you're in the market for a high end convection vape, I highly recommend the Firefly 2+!

Thanks for stopping by and having a look!

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