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The Cricket, pocket dab rig is Evolv Vapor's first step into the concentrate vapourizer industry. Evolv is a USA manufacturer who are known the world over for their innovative DNA chipsets utilized in many different vapourizer device applications, and the original pioneers of temperature control technology.


Unboxed, and in the hand, it quickly becomes apparent that it is an extremely high quality device. It has the feel, and look that you'd expect from a Made in the USA device. The machine work on the hardened stainless steel body is superb, and the fit and finish is flawless. The 'sportofino' type genuine carbon fiber inlay adds a bit of sporty elegance for the eye.

Loading the Device is a breeze with the built in dab tool, and requires only a BB size amount of concentrate. Contained inside the cap is a removable glass chimney that aids in providing smooth, terpene rich flavour. Upon taking the cap off the device, it automatically preadjusts to a programmable lower temp to premelt your concentrate. Replace the cap and the device automatically adjust to your selected higher temp setting for vaping. Heatup is exactly as you'd expect with an 'On Demand' device, taking a mere 2 seconds to achieve temp, and cooling very rapidly afterwards.

The unit is equipped with a 850 mah internal battery, that is rated to provide up to 100 puffs per charge. It charges in about 1 hour, and can be vaped while charging as well.

And for all the techy's... Another feature as with all DNA devices, plug it into your home computer and the settings can be tweaked and customized with a simple download of Evolv's Escribe suite. (Escribe Windows, Mac)

It's extremely portable, tough, quick to heat up, smart, and the replaceable Medical Grade Titatnium tub produces crisp clean flavour. Cleanup of the device is simple, and basically the same as cleaning a banger. Simply wipe the tub and mouthpiece down with a qtip and a little ISO and you're done!

My overall opinion...It's extremely innovative, low maintenance, and the best portable coiless Concentrate Vapourizer brought to the market to date! I highly recommend the Cricket! If you're a flavour connoisseur, you're in for a real treat!

If you're in the Market for a high end, extremely portable concentrate vapourizer, I highly recommend having a look at

The Cricket, by Evolv Vapor! Use our exclusive AFN coupon code autoflower25 at checkout until 1/16/23 for 25% off your purchase!

Thanks for looking over my review!

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