The Pronto, by Ooze

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The Pronto by Ooze is a collaborative effort designed by Stache, and built by Dip Devices. It is very compact, and lightweight. It utilizes type C charging, has on board battery level monitoring, and a 925mah internal battery that offers long battery life. The device has 3 power settings from low to high; Green, yellow, and red. Heat up time is amazingly quick mounted with your choice of either a metal coil dip and rip straw, or a quartz sipper tip straw. Both provide great clouds, and the flavour is on point. It does the job, and it does it very efficiently as the battery life is tremendous! And at $40, it's a bargain.


Overall, I think it's a great device.
If your in the market for an extremely budget friendly dab straw, I recommend having a look at the Pronto, by Ooze.

Thanks for looking over my review!

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