Wolkenkraft Äris Vaporizer

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VAPORISER NAME: Wolkenkraft Äris

TYPE OF VAPORISER (home or portable): Portable

DRAW METHOD (whip,bag,attached mouthpiece or drawn direct from unit): attached mouthpiece and drawn direct from unit. A bit of both actually.

COMPATIBLE MATERIAL (herb,oil or both): Can be used with Herb, Hash or Concentrates.

COST(feel free to add link to store): 149€ --> LINK

ACCESSORIES (have you added anything eg water cooler): There is a water bubbler available, but I haven't bought it. Something with water and electricity... :shrug:

QUALITY OF VAPOUR (eg thick tasty plooms to no visible vapor with plastic taste): I wouldn't call it thick white plumes as I'm used to vaping with a 200Watt mod, but once warmed up to 190°C - 201°C / 374°F - 394°F the vapor becomes visible.


PERSONAL THOUGHTS (please be frank, if the vaporizer is poor we want to know): Since this is my second vape, the first being a Kanboro 510 Nail I don't have that many experience, but I can share my experience with all of you :thumbsup:
As with most things I buy I do my research. And with this product I almost didn't buy it because of some things I found out... Namely that the 'brand' Wolkenkraft is nothing more then a rebrand from a Chinese OEM Producer. The company wants to present itself as a company with German technology and profit from this 'label'. This is just another marketing trick to get people to buy because it's 'Made in Germany', but clearly is made in China. I did find an address in Germany, but this seems to be a postbox, so so far the iffy bit about this company if you can call this iffy of course.
The fact I did buy it was because (in order of importance to myself)
  1. It is sold in a reputable (web)store
  2. it got good reviews
  3. it is a convection vaporizer
  4. It is compatible with herb, hash and concentrates
  5. It takes 25 seconds to heat up to temp
  6. It heats up to 221°C / 430°F
  7. It is easy to clean
The vaporizer comes in a nice looking box and has two authenticity stickers on it's sides to prove the box hasn't been tampered with and everything is original.
The following contents are inside the box:
Wolkenkraft Äris Vaporizer
  • Additional nozzle, screens and seal
  • Alcohol wipes and cleaning brushes for the herb chamber and air passageway
  • Capsule Caddy including herb and concentrate pods
  • USB cable
  • Manual (multiple languages)

First time I filled the heating chamber with 0.3gr of freshly grinded herb as this is the 'maximum' it can take. I put the cap on and started the device (5 clicks). Adjusting the temperature is easy enough. Just click on the up/down button and you can adjust per grade. I set it first on 180°C / 356 °F. After less then 25 seconds the device vibrated and was ready. The first draws I took from the device were full of flavor, a completely different taste then smoking a joint for instance, more like the smell after grinding it.
For clouds you need to raise the temperature. Luckily the device goes to 221°C /430°F so there's enough leeway.
I raised it first to 190°C / 374°F and took a few draws. This still was good and the result of previous hits started coming along. This surely is more direct then smoking a joint which takes longer for the effects to appear.
Then raised it to 201°C / 394°F and 211°C / 412°F followed by 221°C / 430°F. These three I didn't like at all as with the first (201°C) it started to taste like pop-corn. Very sweet caramel taste. Not bad, but I liked the lower temps more which tasted floral. The higher the temps the more clouds it produced, but also the more it began to make my throat hurt. So I'll probably be playing around with the 190°C - 201°C / 374°F - 394°F range. It's fun to see smoke as it reminds you of a joint, but actually vaping is something completely different. So I'll forgo the 'clouds' for improved flavor.:thumbsup:

Would I recommend this device to anyone? Well yes, if you're on a budget and want something for on the go, then this is a device which work beautifully.
If your new to vaping and want to start with a "mid-range" device that got all of the before mentioned features then I can recommend this one.
Note: If you don't pack the chamber to full drawing from the device works as it should.

PICS AND LINK (please add a picture of your vape with a link to the manufacturer): --> LINK





Bob :toke:

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