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  1. Son of Hobbes 420 on 4/20

    Competition: It's 420 Somewhere Competition: 420 Stoned Artist of the Day Award Competition: 420 Easter Egg Hunt Competition: 420 - Stoner Seed Guess Award Coming soon!
  2. Mephisto Freebies poppin off!!

    Mephisto Freebies poppin off!!

    This is the three that are gonna give it a go out of the four I tried for. Lol. My luck has been that way as of late. This is as I mentioned before Ripleys OG X Strawberry Nuggets f1 freebie from Mephisto. I’ve ordered quite a bit of seed from MG lately as I have been super impressed by the...
  3. Son of Hobbes

    [USA] CannaCages
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Good morning growers! We are about to kick off a really cool product test for the company CannaCages, who has very generously donated several of their CannaCages plant trainers for a Grow-and-Show review with our @Cultivators ! We have @Cannacages and @Dantew86 with the company here on the...
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    Fast Buds AFN Xmas Promo 2019
  6. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Oregon Elite Seeds!

    Hey everyone we want to announce and welcome the arrival of Oregon Elite Seeds, a USA-based seed bank that we've had the privilege of meeting person a few times at some cannabis expos this last year and had heard pretty positive feedback about from growers that have mentioned them in the past...
  7. woody


    Been a while since i've grown, lets see if i can remember how its done. Set up is something like this.... 600w hps 6inch fan/carbon filter Wilma 4 pot with clay pebbles Ghe flora series 3 part with calmag and sm90. Might add some bloom boosters later on. Germed 5 skywalker autos from...
  8. Son of Hobbes

    SSSC Super Sativa Seed Club - COMING SOON!

    Hey everyone, just finalizing some details but wanted to announce that Super Sativa Seed Club is going to be joining AFN to show off their wares and hopefully get some good documentation going on their genetics! More details and information coming soon!
  9. Son of Hobbes

    Grow Mediums AFN Communal Autopot Test Summer 2018

    Hey there AFN, we're doing a communal autopot tests courtesy of Autopots! We've got a host of growers all over the world that are testing them out for the first time or continuing on with their autopot growing skills, so check it out and happy growing! @CannaZone Tier 1 @CannaZone Tier 2...
  10. Son of Hobbes

    NEWS The Autoflower Cup 2019

    Hey good morning everyone! I spend a good amount of time checking out other autoflower groups and sites just to see what people are up to and I ran into these rather charming fellows on a Facebook group called "Cannabis Autoflower Group." Well over the past year I've gotten to know them a...
  11. Son of Hobbes

    Harvest & Curing Boveda - Welcome & Contact Information

    Boveda The Autoflower Network would like to welcome Boveda to the forum! Boveda makes a quite popular desiccant pack that some of you may be familiar with one of our recent cVault tests on the forum; they've agreed to come on the forum and talk about their products and hopefully we'll see...
  12. Son of Hobbes

    Nutrients DutchPro - Welcome & Contact Information

    DutchPro The Autoflower Network would like to welcome DutchPro nutrients to the forum! DutchPro has offered to send out some sample kits to our product testers to see how a variety of autoflower growers do with their nutrient lineup! From the DutchPro website: About us Dutchpro is one of...
  13. Son of Hobbes

    Nutrients Harvest Gold Silica Q3 Communal Product Test Thread

    Hey everyone it sounds like the majority of the product testers have received their silica from @HarvestGoldSilica , so we've agreed to do a big communal product test thread for the testing and will share in the experience and results together! Appreciate everyone that is taking part in the...
  14. Son of Hobbes

    Nutrients Harvest Gold Silica - Welcome & Contact Info

    Harvest Gold Silica Hey everyone we would like to announce and welcome the addition of Harvest Gold Silica into our performance test program! Harvest Gold Silica makes a dry silica sand product to help provide silica benefits to plants during growing! Information: Name of Company: Harvest...
  15. pop22

    Extraction Pop22 Tests The Dabpress dp-rp37

    Not an item I'd really considered until the opportunity to test the Dabpress Rosin Plates was offered to me. I was intrigued and said sure! I received these over a month ago. The packing material was brown paper. Items survived shipping with no damage! United Parcel Smashers are slipping...
  16. Son of Hobbes

    AFN 420 Vendor Discounts & Promotions!!!

    420 Promotions! Breeders: Auto Seeds AFNAUTO420 - 25% Off Auto Seeds. Autoseeds promo starts wednesday the 18th Bomb Seeds AFNBOMB420 - 25% Off Bomb Seeds orders Bomb Seeds 19th on thursday both until sunday midnight. Mephisto Genetics For 420 we’re releasing 4 new artisanal strains: Forum...
  17. Son of Hobbes

    Genius Pipe SoH's Wife Steals His Genius Pipe

    We've had this pipe now for a few weeks and I figured it would be a proper time to give a proper journal and review now that I have a few minutes! For starters, let me precursor this, I am not a pipe guy. I actually hate smoking out of pipes. I prefer water pieces for the filtering/cooling...
  18. Rebel

    Genius Pipe Rebel Tests Genius Pipe for CannaZone

    Hey buds! I've been honored by Genius Pipe to test their incredible new Genius Pipe!! Here's the unboxing! Included in the package was a pamphlet and a very nice decorative box! Inside the box was the killer Genius Pipe! And the Genius Stone for smoking concentrates! On to the picture show...
  19. sniper

    Genius Pipe sniper test the genius pipe

    Got my genius pipe in the mail This pipe is really nice It hits pretty smooth even with big hits Give me a couple days of testing ;) and I'll get back to you guys :pass:
  20. pop22

    Photoperiod Pop22's Continuous Photo Period Tent

    As I have often had many threads going all at once, I want to do some consolidation. I wish we could have sub topics within a single thread. The only thing I can see to do, is to create 3 main threads and reference them in alternate topics, to keep the concept separater from the threads. An...