1. GreenNY grows Brother Mendel

    GreenNY grows Brother Mendel

    Day 01 6/30/24 Beethovens 5th broke ground this morning! Let’s see what happens with a late summer outdoor auto grow. This is starting in a solo cup, safe from critters, and will end up in a 5gal sip on our hill.
  2. Buz

    Effect of Magnetic Field on Germination

    There have been numerous reports of positive effects of magnetic treatment of seed prior to planting (Sweet peppers, lemon balm, wheat). However, I could not find anything in the literature concerning cannabis. Sounded a bit like tinfoil hat stuff but it was easy enough to try. I have a...
  3. Germination (Days 0 - 4)

    Germination (Days 0 - 4)

    Quick post to detail the germination process of my first grow... I used the paper towel method with untreated tap water with two ILGM Grandaddy Purple Auto seeds. I placed them between two damp paper towels and packed them in a small Tupperware container and set them inside my tent with the...
  4. Into the soil

    Into the soil

    Ready in less than 24 hours. As of now, it is sealed to Plagron Light Mix (no presoak, straight from the bag)
  5. King's Indican

    Preparing germination water! about ec levels.

    Hi there! Four months ago I planted my first autoflower seeds (Hindukush). My conditions very relatively poor but somehow I managed to get a good harvest and it motivated me for a second one, a better one. In the first grow I experienced a very slow growth and nitrogen toxicity with shiny green...
  6. Luketheduke

    New Grower 100% New to growing

    Hey everyone, I found this forum the night that I started to germ and I was a bit overwhelmed and nervous to post as I didnt want to be ridiculed. But yall seem like a good friendly bunch of people so here we go... I ordered 3 gorilla glue seeds and 3 G13 seeds. All autos of course. I live in...
  7. S

    Autoflower issue

    Hello I've successfully germinated a few White Widow Auto seeds but they have become very leggy (about 15cm/6 inches). They have the cotyledon leaves and first single-fingered leaves but after 3 weeks but there is no sign of the first foliage leaves and the stems are very slender. Otherwise...
  8. Newtoautogrow

    First time watering before planting

    Hi everyone need some help... So Im growing autos in 22 liter air pots with light mix soil with added perlite.. Ive pre watered the pots with 5 liters of water @6.5... Its my first time trying by his method so i'm abit sceptical... The soil seems abit compact.. (watered with watering can and...
  9. Fermented_Fruitz

    RocBud Rocbudinc fast finishing photo run

    So 1st up under this subforum will be my next 2 babies I just dropped! Running both the Grape Slurri Turbo and Grape Dosi Turbo! Moving the big earthbox outta my 2x4 and think I may get 2 more juniors I can use in its place! Started these in solo cups so I had time to move stuff around before...
  10. G

    Germination - Query around Ronin method

    Hi guys, first post so be gentle :) Its only my 2nd grow too and i think i was lucky the first time round as it went relatively well. This time i just lost 3 seeds using the paper towel method so am looking for a simpler/better method to get through germination. I am soil growing with Light Mix...
  11. K

    How long can you leave a sprouted seed on wet paper towel?

    I have to go out of town for 2 1/2 days, I have 2 seeds that are just starting to show a radicle. My other plants I planted when the root was @ 1/2" long. I've never let one go past that point before planting. Whats the risk of letting it go until I get back?
  12. My take on Slow's Germination method.

    My take on Slow's Germination method.

    Hello all. Some time ago I said that when I tried @slowandeasy's germination method, I would document it. With apologies to @slowandeasy here is my attempt to apply his technique and document the process for anyone interested. Until now, I used the paper towel/cd case method with success but...
  13. From seed to harvest, a weed tale by Doppio Beggings, Day 6!

    From seed to harvest, a weed tale by Doppio Beggings, Day 6!

    Hello everybody! Hope you are all safe and doing great! :thumbsup: I spent a lot of time these last few days asking for help and advice on the chat here on and I must thank infinitely each of you today for this great achievement! Germination occurred, 2 out of 2! 14/05/2020 It...
  14. Carecrab

    Germinate in soil.

    Hello fellow tomato growers! I'm new to this forum and I've been reading tons of information about autoflowers and growing in general. But there's one thing I cant seem to wrap my head around when it comes to germinate straight into the final pot. Some people advice you to pre flush the medium...
  15. My water

    My water

    I am just posting this for curious parties. The water source I am usin is pure hydrogen hydroxide, no added anything so I can control nutrients completely.
  16. Fermented_Fruitz

    Dinafem Tx Mark does the Dinafem 2 step

    Welcome everyone and @Gladiators too I’ve got my next batch of babies already started and this time doing a cookies auto and a Auto CBD kush from our friends at Dinafem! Just wanna start by saying big :thanks: to @Dinafem-Mark for giving me the chance to run and document these 2 strains! Nice to...
  17. Newtoautogrow

    Can you over do the germination???

    Sup people.. So I germinated my seeds in a papertowl and whne I checked them this moring they sprouted and have the first set of leafs but they wer yellowing (the leafs)... The rest is white... Ive since planted them and just left the leafs see the light.... Should they be okay... Did I over do...
  18. temp_5XcJYtuV

    Dutch Passion Germination issues with critical orange punch?

    Hi guys, so I bought a 5pack of critical orange punch seeds and was pretty excited. decided to give them a go when they arrived with some old mephisto double grape and 3 bears og. All mephisto beans germinated fast with no issue but the critical orange punch beans lagged developed a small tiny...
  19. Vlad The Inhaler

    Seed Stockers The Great British Blackberry Gum-Off.

    Hey weed lovers! [emoji2] We’re about to start a lil friendly grow off with the Seed Stockers Blackberry Gum. The contestants will be, myself @Vlad The Inhaler, @Itisi, @Krazy Dave @Duckster @Boogs @Eclectic Elle @hairyman @Sensi Jay Also, picking up the rear as usual will be @Wile e...
  20. Frogster

    "Used Tea Bag" for Seed Germination - Live Experiment

    Can you germinate cannabis seeds in used teabags ? A gardening show that I saw somewhere, a few years back - gave me the idea for this experiment, and prompted for the reasons below. Tea leaves contain all the big three nutrients, N-P-K, as well as some trace minerals, in fact - tea leaves...