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  1. Waximus

    Bomb Seeds The AFN CannaZone Bomb Seeds Test Thread!!!

    Greetings to Members, Guests, and all manor of dedicated Cannabis Devotees! :worship: And, a Top Shelf Welcome to our new sponsor, Bomb Seeds!!:welcome: THIS is what you've been waiting for! The AFN CannaZone Test Team has been honored to do grow tests of Bomb Seeds' most intriguing seed...
  2. Grim Reefer

    Indoor Spectrum King LED Introduction

    We would like to officially welcome @Spectrum King LED to the Auto-flower Network. Spectrum King LED have agreed to become part of our Live Vendor forum for a 6 month trial. Keep an eye on this thread for updates and for Spectrum King LED's official representation on-site.
  3. Grim Reefer

    Indoor Spectrum King LED AFN Discounts

    Spectrum King have agreed to make a special discount for AFN members. More to be confirmed in due time.
  4. Grim Reefer

    Indoor Spectrum King LED Test Team Introduction

    Hello AFN, My self and 2 other members were graciously given the chance to test out some of Spectrum Kings finest LEDs. Spectrum King kindly donated 3 different units for testing, one to each member. The 3 units are as follows; links have been left under the title's for your own consideration...
  5. briman


    Greetings AFN! This thread is for you to get to know your Kindsoil test team. I would like to introduce you to... @Anthropolis @Bromeo @Eyes on Fire @Grim Reefer @pop22 @Pops @Ripper @sniper @Son of Hobbes @stepside @Waira We have a great, diverse group of proven, professional growers here and...
  6. Grim Reefer

    Extraction Show Off That Dry Ice Hash/Keif

    Lets use this thread as place we can all share pictures of our final dry ice extraction products. Feel free to post pictures of the keif unpressed in powder form or pressed as blocks of hash. Also dont be afraid to share you method to the process, detail any tips and secrets if you do something...
  7. Grim Reefer

    Dutch Passion Auto Euphoria Smoke Report

    SeedBank : Dutch Passion Strain: Auto Euphoria Did it auto-flower?: Yes after week 7 or so Soil/hydro: Alien Hydroponics 55L Deep Water Culture Single Pot Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A+B Connoisseur Bloom A+B Bud Factor X Canna Rhizotonic Zym Boost Flush Grotek...
  8. Grim Reefer

    Dutch Passion HS1 - Think Big - 55L DWC

    Hello and welcome, First off i would like to give a big shout out to Dutch Passion Tony for sending me these test seeds free of charge. Il be starting this seedling under one of Grow Northern's HS1 LED with three extra units to be added later. The seedling, after propagation will be transplanted...
  9. Grim Reefer

    Super Anti - Root Rot Tea

    Introduction This Tea will completely stop root rot and act as a preventative as long as its used on a weekly basis. It will make the beneficial bacteria product last 100 times longer as we create over billions of beneficial bacteria working to help improve your crop. Plant Benefits Your...
  10. Grim Reefer

    Mephisto Genetics (HS1) Hubbabubbasmelloscope 55 Litre DWC

    Hello and welcome, Im very excited to grow out this strain as this is the first time i have got my hands on Mephisto Genetics. Il be starting this seedling under one of Grow Northern's HS1 series LED with a second unit to be added later. The seedling when ready will be transplanted into the 55...
  11. Grim Reefer

    Sweet Seeds Sweet Trainwreck Strange looking Bud

    This is a picture of my 70 day old Sweet Trainwreck Auto Grown under a HS1. Check out the weird pistil development on the bud i have never seen this before. Im guessing its a good thing, the buds are so sticky its crazy, i have never had weed this sticky before.
  12. Grim Reefer

    Mephisto Genetics Grims Chemdogging

    Hello Folks! I just wanted to post a picture of this Mephisto Chemdogging on day 68. I won one of Last years bom/pom and got 3 of these babies as a prize, including other genetics too. She has been grown in a 4.5L Air-Pot using CANNA Terra Pro Plus as the growing medium along with Advanced...
  13. Grim Reefer

    Grow Mediums Tap Water Conditioner

    Was just wondering if anyone has ever tried using this to take the chlorine out of the water.? I was thinking this might be a more effective way instead of having to bubble your water for 24 hours or so. Im really not sure if it would be safe to use with plants but it seems ok for fish. Here...
  14. Grim Reefer

    Dinafem Grim & Herman's RDWC Adventure

    Hello Friends, So myself and Herman have been very busy lately and we are really excited to be giving RDWC a try. Enough said so lets start with some strain information: Moby Dick XXL Auto: Moby Dick XXL Auto cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to...
  15. Grim Reefer

    Indoor Higer Temperautes for Germination

    I have actually tried this and so far it has worked, the articles talks about a higher temperature for seed germination rather than the recommended 68-78F. I paced some seeds to soak in water regulated at 80F and in less than 24 hours they dropped and were ready to be placed into the growing...
  16. Grim Reefer

    Extraction Grims Dry Ice Hash

    So im sure this is on here already and a load of people have done it but look what i was up to today. So here is how i done it: First you need to get a bucket to put your trim or bud in. The bucket should roughly fit the size of the micron bag you will be using. So im using 1 gallon bags so...
  17. Grim Reefer

    Old Reviews Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom Base Nutrients

    1) Member Name Grim reefer 2) Fert Line name and products used, please include any additives that are not included in the line. Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom Canna Boost, Canna Zym, Canna Rhizotonic, Canna Mono cal/mg, Canna Pk13/14 Growth Technology Silicon, Growth Tech Ph up and...