2 Week Purple Auto Leaf Problems?

Cal Mag? or something else?

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Sep 4, 2017
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I am running a 600 watt Mars Hydro Older version
Happy Frog Soil with 30% light warrior and per-lite... Plenty to make it drain well
This is a Purple Auto and It is showing signs on Cal Mag problems but im really not to sure on this diagnosis I am Also Running a 60 Day Wonder with the same set up and have zero issues with the 60 day Wonder. I am gonna attach Pics and maybe someone can figure this one out....

PH 6.5
600 watt Mars Hydro ( Older version)
2X3X5 grow Tent

Grow Temps Range from 73 to 83
Humidity Range 40-60 depending on the weather.
If your growing in a PC box and not familiar with AUTO FLOWERS please dont add your two cents... Im not trying to be a Jack ass but really! I want someone who knows what they are actually talking about and not someone whos learning. :)

I will Keep everyone updated as this grow comes along
...:toke: in-pot pH is 6.5? taken how..? I ask because FF soils have been very dubious these days, even HF,... OF is worse, but both have been showing badly acidic often, talking low 5's here! Cutting with LW was wise,... Is that COB lighting? color looks too yellow, a COB thing,... if not, pH is looking suspect,... the spots could be Ca, maaaaybe P as a less common manifestation,.. have any defc. issue this soon is odd, but if the soil is off-pH, locking out nutes = potential defc.'s! .... strain to strain tolerances and preferences can account for this difference, plus after initial planting, the mini-ecosystem that a pot is can have them go different ways,...
Im taking the runoff water after I water the Plant from the bottom off the Lady. and its at 6.0 right where it should be. as you can see from the photos I added some Rice hulls on the top soil due to the fact I saw a few Gnats " Thank you Fox Farm for your wonderful SOIL!" the Rice hulls seemed to take care of that real Quick but we shall see.

As for the yellow light I actually took the pic out of the tent with flash :) due to the fact that LEDS do not show the true problem while sitting under the light. so the pics i took are actually what I see and look at UGHHHH Might I add that they are in TWO gallon pots as the damn shop had them marked wrong and .....YEA I smoked before hand :) I ended up picking up Roots Organic from a different shop and ZERO bugs as or right now anyways... I started a Hindu Kush Auto and a XL DEVIL AUTO along side that sorry looking Purple AUTO FREEBIE..
...I forgot to ask what nutes you're using, and if you've started feeding..... straight run-off isn't an accurate test of pH, too crude, but it can at least tell if things are really off,... looks like not, fortunately! Start feeds and Ca-Mg right away, and dilute the feeds initially..how much depends on what you're using, let me know.....
Today was the first day i started a feed... im using genral organics grow box set. I added 1.5 ml of the cal mag to a gallon of water along with the veg nutes at 1.5 they recomend 5 ml but i wont run that much on autos but rather move it up slow..... i am hoping the feed works but we shall see. Whats funny is i have another baby going the same auto and "BANG" starting to show the same problem.. im thinking its the strain... im gonna have to diig deeper into the strain and see whats going on... i can tell ya it is actually fun and a good learning experience trying to figure this out

My 60day looks great also gonna give her, her first feed when I get home. Remind you the same soil and everything has been used that the problem plant has been giving thats why i say i need to dig deeper into the strain....
Oh, 6.0 is getting too low -
... much lower and P will start locking out,... despite what you hear, sometimes adjusting organic nutes pH before appying is necessary, especially when you have soil that's already borderline,... a Si supplement is highly recommended, and can help raise pH,... Earth Juice makes a gentle pH up as well,...
... ah, I know the Box,..:thumbsup: mild stuff, so feed half strength a couple times, and then ramp up to full,... start using inoculants too, since the soil' 'crobes are critical for breakdown and cycling of nutes into forms the plant can absorb,...
Sorry I haven't updated the issues I am having. I wanted to see if the nutes and Cal Mag would help if at all.... and as it looks she seemed to love the nutes and cal mag but we shall see..She deff looks a lot better than what she did look like.. Im adding some pics so you can see the difference .. and some others I have going. I gotta say the 60 Day wonder is looking very nice this far...


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