New Grower Alien vs Triangle and Deep blue C side by side

Apr 26, 2017
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Good evening, just finished my outdoor summer grow.. time to go back to the ebb &flow for the fall grow. 2 AlienVsTriangle and 2 Deep Blue C from Mephisto. 5×5×8 ft tent . 2 Chinese 750W Led lights.. 4 4ft T5 side lights and 1, 4 bulb 4ft t5 hanging fixture. I use CO2 bottles, Autopilot master controller,
Beans started Aug 10.. 3 up on the 13th 1 DBC didnt germinate so started another and popped in 2 days.
Hey Cosmo

Welcome to The Forum, is this your first indoor grow? I haven't really done anything with CO2 or ebb and flow I'm kind of curious to see how that goes. The ebb and flow that is.
No, not my first indoor, I have been growing photos for a while.
Just started messing with Autoflowers, seeing I like them . So far so good. Alot different for sure.
They will have to share space for a couple of weeks with Big Devil [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] .. she just started flowering.
Yeah I was a photo grower before I started growing Autos I haven't been back since. I think a lot of photo Growers when they switch over to Autos they do really well with them. So it must must be pretty transferable knowledge.