Looking at mars hydro 300 w for a small grow box


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Sep 8, 2016
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Greetings , anyone grow with one of these 300 w mars hydro .my home made grow box is small 2 by 1.5 feet about 2.5 ft tall . I am just gonna use it for a couple of mothers and seedlings . They are cheap like around 60 us and i know it will help the little box stay cooler .
I dont have a clue about led lighting. Anybody have a clue
When the time comes to upgrade, you can make the space cooler with a 55 watt cob light. No noise either.
I have used the 300, not too bad for the money.
Ok so a cob runs cooler i guess, what’s the price difference. Will color led hurt my eyes ?
Also was planning on mounting the mars 300 outside on top with lense shinning down into the two 20 gallon tote
Grow box . Well i will send a pic when i get the trash out of it .
I read where a 55 w cob only covers 16x16 inch area
Right choice! 300W Mars Hydro is really good for your area. And it's true that the price is such an advantage comparing to some other LED Grow Lights. But still a high-quality one all the way. Choosing some from GalaxyHydro or Vipar is also not bad: https://lovebackyard.com/led-grow-lights/.
I have a mars 300 and a autocob 55w. I used to run my Mars 300 in a small tent I think like 28x18x36 (3ft high) and I grew a Hubbabubbasmelloscope scrogged (scrog because you need a buffer between the plant and led to close and you'll burn them) Gabe around 70 grams dried.

For the space you have I think the Mars should be good just for the height restrictions. The autocob needs a bit more room to play with since it's some intense light( even tho it's 55w trust me it's intense) so you need to keep more distance between plant and light especially in veg.

I vegged three plants (in a 32x32x63in.tent )under the autocob at around 30 some inches and it produced some big ladies then I just supplemented with the Mars 300 later in early flower and late veg.
Hey...if you go for a mars 300W, try to find the 100X3w model not the 60X5W model...i did a bunch of research and guys using the 5W models in close proximity were reporting lots of light burn on the plants...i run a 100X3w mars in close proximity and have no problems with light bleaching.
look mars is cheap.. we all know, but does it work. well yes it does.just dont expect a huge yield. i own one. its what i use to start plants off from seedlings. yes i still do that.