Mom's second AutoPot attempt: Ripleys OG/Sour Blues


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Feb 6, 2017
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Hi guys! After my last failed grow with coco, overwatering from get go, and a “re-potting mishap” (major league growth stunting), I decided to just drop a Ripley’s OG and a Sour Blues directly into the auto-pots filled with HappyFrog, AncientForest and perlite. No paper towel method, no solo cups….I just tried to keep it simple.


(1) 4’X3’X6’ Grow tent
(1) 4” Exhaust fan & filter
(1) 36” Oscillating fan
(1) MarsHydro300 LED
(1) GalaxyHydro300 LED
(1) Meizhi300 LED
(2) 15L Auto-pots & Air-domes with Hydroton
3P FF Happy Frog/2P Ancient Forest/2P Perlite
FF Tiger Bloom
HydroGuard for res


I setup airdomes and hydroton in the bottom of (2) auto-pots, filled them both up with the soil mixture, and sprinkled some Wiggle Worm castings over the top. I then watered the middle of each pot with 1/2 L of tap water and Recharge ~ph'd to 6.5.

I dropped in a Ripley’s OG seed in one pot and a Sour Blues in the other.

The pots went into the tent with just the MarsHydro300 about 36” away….and I put clear bottle bottoms on top of each rapid rooter as a humidity dome. (thanks @2Stoned2Care !) I am misting inside the humidity domes with tap water a few times a day.

What should temp be at this point? Hovering around 75-76...should I raise it up a bit?


And that is where we sit right now.

My next water will be in about 4-5 days (the initial water should last that long) and I will water next time with the same 1/2 L tap water and Recharge~ ph'd to 6.5 in a "doughnut" around the seedlings so that their roots will have to search for water.

I will remove domes when ladies show their pretty faces and are standing up tall. No nutes until ladies are 20 days old...and that's when I'll turn on the auto-pots and air-domes.
Any advice, comments, or money would be greatly appreciated.:crying:
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What's up @MassMom :smoking:? Probably biting your fingernails waiting for these two beauty's to germ, right? Fear not, all is well, we'll send some positive AFN vibes to your babies :vibes:.

Subbed and wishing you good luck :jump:.
Hi mom i am here to help whenever you need it,do not be afraid to ask before you do anything if you are unsure of what to do and how much to water,as has been said already it will take longer to germ the seeds but they should be up in about 5 days so please be patient and DO NOT over water them,a little misting is ok to keep the soil moist and the domes will help keep it warm and moist,all the best and good luck but i am sure you will be ok this time round because the girls will have no stress :thumbsup: