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Jul 8, 2017
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Hey guys, this is the 2nd time ive run into this problem once on a photo now on my auto... I'm newer to hydro but i can figure this problem out... started with a white spot on 1 leaf now spreading to a few more... the last plant that had this just died over night (northern lights photo)... doesnt look like any deficiency or toxicity pics I've found and just down right baffled what it could be... the roots and everything look healthy and my ph is at 5.95... any advice would sure be appreciated! Sitting at about 25 days... my other fantasmo started at the same time has no issues and had gotten same nutes... if you need better pics lemme know! Thanks in advance

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Oh and I'm gonna do a flush shortly to see if that helps :smoking:
evening mate,

Spots can mean a few things, the first thing that i am going to tell you is flip those leaves upside down and grab a scope. I know that some bugs can cause this, if it happened in a previous grow and they are the same, this could be the similar factor between the two if a bug issue wasnt taken care of.

Thirps and aphids can cause a speckling on the leaf and this isnt directly what i see here but it could be something else in the bug family. Look for lumps on the underside, they can range from translucent to black as far as leaf bugs go.
Hey duplex thanks for the response... i just checked and I'm not seeing anything under the leaves and the problem seems to be worse after the flush :( looks like shes just gonna die soon... leaves are starting to curl up and its not looking good


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I did change the res and flush last night and didn't add nutes bavk in yet
Could also be spider mites or nute splashed on leaves.
Hmm I'll have to get another scope to take a better look... check for thrips like you check the tricomes?? Under 30-60x zoom?? Def not nute splash on the leaves always careful about that :D thanks for the help guys!
I think I recall an AFN thread citing similar spots as associated with a plant virus infection.
Eww the mosaic virus sounds like trouble and when i searched plant virus the 1st couple pics looked spot on :( aaand theres no cure... what i read said to remove infected plants... I'll check in on her soon and see how she looks today