autoflower meds

  1. Son of Hobbes

    Nutrients Welcome Remo Nutrients

    AFN is pleased to welcome Remo Nutrients for our Live Vendor Program trial and product testing! They have generously donated enough sample nutrient kits for five of our CannaZone Test Group testers to use them for the full 6 month duration of the trial, so we should get two documented grow...
  2. Hazy

    Dutch Passion Hazy's Ickle Early Outdoor ANQ Grow

    Spring has sprung...Time to get some plants out, these two ANQ's were planted out in a pot of BioBizz Light soil on the 23rd Feb...both are now up. Curious to see how they do planted out this early. It's already 16-18 degrees during the day and down to 10 at night. At the very least i will be...
  3. Mossy

    Anomolies we have Seen on AFN.

    Any Auto Anomolies can be placed here for reference.
  4. Mossy

    Indoor Badges

    Buds...I've just noticed some of you that should have Terrestrial Bean Co..or Dragon Tamer badge don't have them. If you have completed a grow and review/smoke report and don't have them. Please hit the Report button on your grow thread and I will add them as they come in.
  5. Mossy

    NEWS AFN Classified Ads for Pharmacies & Head shops.

    Do you have a Good Cannabis Pharmacy or Head shop in your Area...? If you have and would like to give them a Shout Out..put the relevant info in this thread. If you are a Cannabis Pharmacy or Head Shop feel free to list your Services here. Tell us about your business Feel Free to add yourself...
  6. A-Train

    Dinafem AFN Exclusive, Dinafem High CBD Autoflower Test Run, Industrial plant CBD Auto / Haze Auto CBD

    What's up AFN :toke:.... A-Train coming at you with some exciting news.:woohoo: Since @Dinafem-Mark has joined AFN he has been very impressed with the growing talents of our members. He has already been gracious enough to sponsor a bi-monthly pic comp and now he's pitching in more. The Dinafem...
  7. UrbanFarmer420

    Mysterypipe Video

    Hello AFN users I decided to make a video of my personal favorite pipe to show the quality and diffusion of my pipe. Hope you all can see the difussion of our pipe and also to announce the sale of this pipe by lowering the price by $10 until Jan 17, 16 for all AFN users. Hope you all enjoy the...
  8. Magic

    Indoor Locker Room ( Grow Battle Chat)

    this will be where we gather to chat about upcoming battles! :pass:
  9. Magic

    Indoor Challenge Thread!

    @Magic, @Roark and AFN Welcome to one of the most competitive threads on afn while still keeping the vibe we all know and love! Grows here will be fierce, 2 brave members enter the grow ring but only one may come out victorious! This is the Challenge thread only call outs and responses are to...
  10. Gabe

    Live Stoners Halloween Pumpkin Carving Thread

    Well, the scrolling newsfeed says there are rep points to be had for halloween pics/stories, as well as photos, so, here is a pic of my throwing up pumpkin from last year, And on Friday, when I have a whole day off, I will likely post a pic of one or two pumpkins from this year, I usually...
  11. Hazy

    Dutch Passion Hazy's Auto Night Queen Grow

    Good to be back… First i would like to thank all at Dutch Passion for the chance to grow their newest Autoflower genetics here on AFN. The set up will be roughly the same as usual, except this time i'm using 18L pots instead of 15L. The canes will be coming into play. Grown under 600w HPS. So...
  12. Rebel

    Med-Man Brand Nutrients -- Information Home Thread

    ***Copied from*** "I am proud to announce the launch of my own home made fertilizers and additives, all for 1/4 the price of all competitor products: please remember, all my nutes and additives are raw form powders. Vigorous mixing and dissolving...
  13. Rebel

    Med-Man Brand Seeds Information

    West coast sour diesel – sfu nerd clone – c afghanica – 9-10 weeks flowering – a real diesel, not the 007 or commercial beasters or sweet nyc types. smells like gas, kerosene, diesel. very potent. big yield, fast growth. charcoal filters will not mask the odor. nose will penetrate concrete...
  14. Rebel

    Who is Med Man? Weed-Seed-Feed

    About med-man brand med-man brand is a company dedicated to providing information related to hydroponic systems, seeds, fertilizer, growing crops, and optimizing growth for increased yields throughout the entire life-cycle of the plant. The med-man brand website will provide knowledge and...
  15. Mossy

    Coming Soon to AFN

    Watch this space...:frog:
  16. gbd

    Mephisto Genetics gbd visits Mephisto!

    The stars have finally aligned and I've made it to the magical Mephisto mountain! I will keep this thread as a running photo journal while I'm here. Feel free to tag along and watch the progress! I'm still not quite in the swing of things time wise, but I did have my morning coffee at noon...
  17. Spanglish

    Mephisto Genetics Spanglish´s Deep Blue Orange Alien encounter

    So we are off, soil mixed with extras and presoaked, and two beans in between kitchen towels getting their germ on :) Gone with another Deep Blue C in the 11L square pot as she is currently one of my all time fav smokes auto or photo and reckon she could be better still given a perfect dry and...
  18. Renaissance Redneck

    Redneck Revival (Chicken Free Zone)

    Evening, Peeps. I'm actually starting this thread at the request of my Missus, and her wise (and been there before) counsel. I spoke to Aunty today, and maybe some of this comes from reflecting on what I've learned here at AFN. I'm out of the closet, and pursuing a "teachable moment":biggrin...
  19. South Syder

    Dragon Meds BlackStone Fems!

    Howdy, Popped three BlackStone fems I got free with my last Autoflowerportal order and though I know roughly what to expect, I'm still hoping for a strong result. Got 'em in my usual perlite wick method till they get some size and put down roots. EC is already at 1.0 and pH at 6.3 and here's to...
  20. Mossy

    Dragon Meds How I Tamed my Dragon. yodas Dragons Breath

    3 x yodas Dragons Breath Feminised seed. 1 x 25 ltr square pot. Universal Potting compost. Outdoor grown. Put in the soil end of May. Germed 4th June. Harvested 6th August. Germ to Harvest 63 days. Natural Light pattern. Max 14 hours per day. Natural shadow time. All 3 germed. All...