1. gruglegm

    PH goes up fast DWC

    Hello growers, I'm starting my first experience with hydro(DWC) and my PH is making me discouraged. I've already done 2 complete cleanings and a complete water change, and my PH goes back up even after regulating with PH Down (Biobizz). My setup: 1 - Water pump 1 - Air pump 1 - Heat Mat...
  2. I

    New Grower Wedding glue, DIY light & box, arduino controlled, DWC, Canna aqua
    Threadmarks: Dwc, arduino, torrus hydro capsule, diy lights Vero 29, Canna aqua

    Hi, thank you for accepting my membership. Here is my first grow here (5th in my life). I grow in my diy box, insulated, inside coated by Orca foil, outtake fan, air circulation fan. Inner diameters: 70*70*220 cm (cca 2.3*2.3*7.3fee) My diy lights are 1) 1 chip Vero 29, C version 5000k 70cri...
  3. G

    Nutrients Advanced Nutrients - EC, Cal-Mag, & Bloom Boosters

    Hey all! G-Diddy Dank here... professional cultivator and entrepreneur. I’m new to the community and haven’t been active on forums in almost two decades... but I’m looking forward to kicking some knowledge around as well as learning a thing or two from all of you! I’m about to do my first...
  4. AMG

    Dutch Passion Dutch Passion - AutoUltimate - AMG

    Hey guys :welcome: Here i will document when i grow Dutch Passions AutoUltimate in DWC (Deep Water Culture). I will be using new powerfull LEDs and a HUGE bucket in my attempt to grow a record-breaking-autoflower! At the moment im gathering all the equipment i think i need to succeed. And...
  5. Chapter One - In the Beginning

    Chapter One - In the Beginning

    This blog will detail my first grow. Recreational use of marijuana became legal in Virginia on July 1, 2021 and as a result, the Commonwealth allows a household to grow up to four plants.
  6. DWC Autoflower Grow

    DWC Autoflower Grow

    Hello fellow growers ! So I’ve grown in hydro setup before closet style lol about 15 years ago , so with that said I’m basically a Newbie to this . ANY HELP OR INPUT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. I will list my set up and will update with pictures periodically. I did hell of research on my grow...
  7. Wian

    Indoor Seedstockers Candy Dawg Kush - DWC - Megacrop

    Started a Candy Dawg Kush seed a couple of days ago. I am growing this plant under a Mars Hydro SP 150, which I leave on 24 hours a day. I am doing kind of "lazy" DWC: - No chiller, just a simple 15 liter bucket filled with a maximum of 12 liter of water. - No disinfection except for starting...
  8. J

    Live Stoners New Guy go easy on me.

    Hello AFN, first post here, Over the last couple years I notice that somewhere along the way I've become an auto grower. Lol With the faster turns, Im able to get 4 harvest a year instead of 3 with photo period plants. That alone is a game changer for home growers like myself. I have not seen...
  9. Anasazi

    Indoor RDWC Mephisto tent.

    Can't believe it's been almost 5 years since my last grow but I'm finally back!!. Got a whole new setup, bigger and better. I went from a 3x3 to a 5x5 tent and now i'm doing 4x 5 gallon buckets. For lighting I have 2 leds, a Spider Farmer 4000 with Samsung lm301b diodes @ 450 true watts, I also...
  10. Day 31 Think different dwc

    Day 31 Think different dwc

    fresh res change ph 5.95 ec 2.0. I have no words to say this lady is is almost as big as my previous Auto ultimate grow that ended up with 220g and it hasnt even started the real preflower stretch yikess...:nono::woohoo:
  11. Quitexcellent DP Think different DWC

    Quitexcellent DP Think different DWC

    day 28. she is looking like an absolute monster lol. ph 5.8, ec 1.75
  12. FlickOfTheWrist

    New Grower First time DWC - Girl Scout Cookies Auto by FastBuds

    Hey all. This is my first time growing DWC. I have grown two plants before this, using soil and were successful. I heard so many good things about DWC, I had to give it a shot. I hope this grow journal helps someone else out there! What I'm feeding her: General Hydroponics Micro Grow Bloom...
  13. sacred-buddha

    Yellowing leaves after N supplentation

    Hello! This is my very first grow and I'm facing issues with the yellowing leaves after the plant started to bloom on autoflower. About 2 weeks after the buds forming, I noticed that the fan leaves started to turn yellow and fall off naturally. I thought it might be Nitrogen deficiency so I...
  14. K

    autoflower day 47 still stretching normal?

    hello guys its my first time growing auto plants so, i decide to make it DWC in a 3 Lt bottle. WHITE YODA AUTO - Semillas de Philosopher but, it still growing like 1" in 20 hrs. it's in 24hrs light. https://www.philosopherseeds.com/en/white-yoda-auto-p-126.html
  15. M

    Ppm question, magnesium deficiency

  16. Dublegendz

    Mephisto Genetics 5 strain dwc grow...all Mephisto

    3 Bears OG by Mephisto 4 Assed Monkey by Mephisto Walter White by Mephisto Double grape by Mephisto Auto Blues x 3 Bears OG (freebie) 5 DWC buckets (5 gallon) 3 GN blue air pumps 1 vivosun commercial air pump 3 air stones in each bucket HLG LED's - (2) QB288v2's (3000K)...
  17. H

    Didn't expect this from an autoflower

    I'm like on week 11 or 12 from seed. I'm growing gorilla glue auto in dwc using general hydroponics nutes. First thing is I messed up during weeks 5, 6, and half of 7 by mixing up the micro and the gro. I was giving her wayyyyy too much micro in the beginning and wayyy too little gro. After...
  18. P

    Feeding schedule for autoflower DWC??

    New Grower wondering the best nutrient schedule for a autoflower in dwc. I’ve heard to use 4th the recommended nutrients in nutrient schedules like General Hydroponics’s schedules. Any General Hydroponics or feeding schedule specially for autoflowers in hydroponics such as DWC. Thanks so much !
  19. MedGrower

    Seed Stockers MedGrower does Seed Stockers Purple Punch Auto (DWC)

    Hey! Long time no see! It is high time to get back to business after having a great (but very productive) break! I got some samples kindly provided to me by Seed Stockers to try out this new strain, Purple Punch Automatic of theirs and I am highly interested to see how it will turn out. Popped...
  20. Frenjamin Banklin

    New Grower Megabuds, Rosin and Tinctures OH my!