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  1. O

    New Grower First Grow Bloody Skunk Sweetseeds

    Whats up fellas, im tryna get some opinions of my first grow, and specifically right now on my lst Today is day 22 since germination i feel like they may be a little small right now they are on a 20-4 light schedule, usually around 45-65 humidity, and temp around 78F, but its possible the temp...
  2. First ever grow

    First ever grow

    5x5 mars hydro fc-e 8000 20-4 First ever grow day 21 on largest 7
  3. S

    New Grower Hello! Need your advice/opinion..

    So.. it’s week 4 of flowering for the Moby Dick auto and week 5 for the bloody beast auto which I will be showing in the images. Im running 600W HPS lumii black dual spec, biobuzz all mix soil and advanced hydroponics of Holland for feeding, as well as cal mag. 6.5PH and 20-25C during the day...
  4. Drownomatic

    New Grower Critical Purple (A)

    Technically not a FTG, but first time in 40 years. GGT3x3 Mars Hydro 3000ts AC Infinity 4" 4" inline booster Seeds were germed in paper towels/plates, and put in jiffys. Fearful of too much transplanting, once it started to push roots through I put it in its final container, a generic cloth...
  5. BlazedAlien

    First Grow - Auto Mazar @ 9 weeks - just checking all is OK?

    Hi folks! Have my first grow on the go at the moment and just hitting the 9 week mark since planting. Just over 8 weeks since sprout. Entered flowering about 3 weeks ago. Had some issues with nutes just as flowering started - had misread the BioGrow chart and was overfeeding a bit, but a good...
  6. A

    Opinion/advice on my set up

    Hi, bit long winded here so if you last till the end I thank you eternally. Just going to list my everythin I have for my set up and would love to hear everyone’s opinions on anythin ive missed/not to use, how to use which properly and any tips and tricks to help me along. I’ll be planting...
  7. SneakyReefer

    Harvest & Curing Can I go for it? White widow first time growo

    I started these auto white widow the beginning of Dec., they’re still not showing much amber... Is it time to pull the plug and just go for it? I wanted to go for a little more sedative... The last three of the full plants are from a couple nights ago. This is my first grow, so go easy on me...
  8. Salty

    My Grow Room

    My whole process of making the grow room.
  9. [IN PROGRESS] NucksNugs "Bedroom Bud" [SEASON 2022]

    [IN PROGRESS] NucksNugs "Bedroom Bud" [SEASON 2022]

    :growing: NucksNugs "Bedroom Bud":growing: A Washington State Medical MJ Patient :meds: Disabled Veteran \ PTSD Patient :meds: Welcome to my first Medical Marijuana Grow and also my First ever Grow Journal on AFN or any other Cannabis Forums. :smokeit: Thus my first grow tent purchase was a...
  10. J

    Indoor HELP! Starting to flower aaaand...Brown spotting, yellowing and browning bottom leaves

    Coco, 5 gal. smart pots, spyder farmer 1000 ledx2, fox farm trio, and cal mag+. I run my ph at 6.0 to 6.2 and ec has been from .4 to .6 so far. I tested run off once and it was at 6.5. I started off the grow adding 1.5 ml of grow big and 1ml of calmag+ but nothing else. After the stalks beefed...
  11. G

    First grow. Have loupe but cant tell creamy from clear. Auto Gelato. Day 59.

    I'm growing one auto gelato from Female Seeds. Never grown before. In fact I've never seen a living cannabis plant before now. My Gerri is getting very sticky and I see amber on the sugar leaves, but its only day 59. I have pictures from a loupe but it's hard as hell to focus. Can someone tell...
  12. LetsBeBudz

    First Time Grow!! Hindu Kush x Bloody Skunk (Advice Wanted!!)

    Hello all, I just got my own place and naturally had to start something I wanted to do for a long time! This is my first post and just looking for some advice! I don't really know how to add pics so sorry if they're not high quality or too big or two small or whatever. Tent: 32"x32"x63"...
  13. Q

    Nutrient burn/toxicity on my Amnesia (first time grow)

    Hello Community, my plants are in their 7th week and I assume that they could have a nutrient burn. Some tips of their leaves turned brown and the color of the plants in overall is really dark green. As they might be at the beginning of their flower-state, I´m really afraid of them beeing...
  14. Okie4

    New grower ! Need advice please!

    New to the growing community and excited to make my own medicine now! But I need help and am looking for any and all knowledge you veterans have. I currently have a 27x27x63 inch tent with a full spectrum king led plus 600w light. Along with a 4inch carbon filter setup. I’m planning to get a few...
  15. DarkStarMagnolia

    New Grower DSM First Grow. Kind Soil. LED :) Completed

    Hello Everyone!! Welcome to my first AutoGrow. After many weeks of researching and gathering supplies I am ready to start my first auto grow. I want to personally thank the AFN community for being so helpful and welcoming. :bighug::bighug::bighug: Feel free to stop by my introduction thread...
  16. marilyn monGROW

    New Grower HERE WE GO! first time budget grower

    alright! our son turned 18 and moved across the country and i was thinking of turning his bedroom into a craft room or maybe leave it a guest room, but what do i REALLY want? large amounts of homegrown! i'm BRAND NEW to growing. i mean, i grow some garden veggies out back but i'm not known...
  17. The^Dude

    Live Stoners You can grow this?!

    Hi everyone, Long time stoner first time grower. I'm just getting back into the sweet leaf after not having any for about 5 years, and I'm crazy excited to grow some myself. I wanted to do this in my 20's, but it was a lot more complicated then. Now I can just put it out in the garden! Times...
  18. seedstodreams

    Indoor First Grow - Indoor/Autoflower (Mephisto)

    *Having trouble adding some links :( Tent: TopoLite 2'x2'x4' (24''x24''x48'') Lights: QB96 Elite V2 Engine QB96 Elite V2 Engine Driver for QB: Meanwell HLG-240H-54A Pots: VIVOSUN 3 Gallon Fabric Pots...
  19. the_stonedturtle

    Confused First Grow

    Hello everyone. First timer here. I had started 5 Sour Crack seeds from Mephisto about 3 weeks ago. I originally over watered and had stunted them. Sadly losing three. I used Super B foiler spray on them twice and have only done 3 nutrient feedings so far using Remo Nutrients which started about...
  20. xthursdayx

    New Grower Thursday's First Grow - Sour Stomper & Forum Stomper under LED QBs with chile pepper friends!

    Hey folks, after months of reading and researching I'm just getting ready to embark on my first indoor grow. I figured I'd start a journal here as a way to keep track of everything. This grow will probably be considered a bit unusual because I will be growing 2 autoflower plants (Sour Stomper &...