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  1. Rebel


    Greetings My AFN FAMILY! I am pleased to announce that SACRA VIA SHOP IS BACK UP AND IN FULL FORCE!! We are adding new products! Today we just go out FIRST SHIPMENT OF @Smokin Screws IN THE HOUSE!! Right now we have the singles and party packs available and will be adding the COMPLETE...
  2. briman

    Live Stoners Seattle Cannacon 2018 AFN Boys Trip.

    Hello AFN! @Son of Hobbes, @FullDuplex and myself hit the Seattle Cannacon show last weekend and I wanted to share this experience with all of you! This trip was exciting, as the 3 of us have been staff for quite a few years, but had never met in person. We went to represent The Autoflower...
  3. sewerdweller

    Live Stoners wanted to share this with you all

    I received email from the about a new product called Terpgerp. So I asked them if this would be any good for Autos. They emailed back with info and some discounts. Had a issue ordering online so I called. Staff was a pleasure to deal with and very...
  4. Son of Hobbes

    Indoor Welcome Female Seeds!

    AFN would like to welcome Female Seeds to the forum for product and strain testing and review! Some very nice looking genetics on their page and in due time we'll have documented grow journals and reviews for each of them! Thank you again to the folks at Female...
  5. Son of Hobbes

    Lighting Welcome Timber Grow Lights!

    Hey guys Timber Grow Lights has agreed to come on with us for a product test in the next couple of weeks, so pull up a chair and check out their DIY COB lighting kits and framework!
  6. Son of Hobbes

    Extraction Rosin Tech Single Ram Pneumatic Rosin Tech Heat Press (test in progress!)

    Good morning everyone! SoH here and I'm kicking off the official CannaZone Test Group product testing for Rosin Tech! Rosin Tech has been so very kind and generous to send us out a professional grade rosin press and I will be documenting my experiences here while using the product and...
  7. Son of Hobbes

    Extraction Rosin Tech

    Coming soon!
  8. budelee

    Indoor Hopper Labs Grasshopper Vape Communal Test Thread

    Hey guys, this is the communal test thread for Hopper Labs Grasshopper Vaporizer! We'd like to thank @Hopper Labs for the chance to test out their product and we've just started receiving the vapes this week! The testing group will be made up of @Son of Hobbes , @Duggy , @budelee , and @Mossy...
  9. BigSm0

    Lighting Sizing drivers, Series vs paralell - by BigSm0

    Long overdue. Guys and gals please read this entire thread before making any purchases or wiring any sort of light fixture up. Making the most out of your driver and how to make sure they fit your needs. Paralell wiring Voltage output and amperage are the two most important things for...
  10. BigSm0

    Lighting DIY skills are priceless.

    I started a thread awhile back to help folks through the building and wiring process. 2 reasons I didn't finish it was one the machinist is a dick and I have waited months for the necessary brackets and now the second reason is this is even confusing me lol. It is massive 28"x48" in total...
  11. F.N.

    Dutch Passion Auto Brooklyn Sunrise grow journal

    I have four A.B.S going . They are in 3 gallon airpots with soil less mix. They will be fed @REMO nutrients. Here is some pictures at day 11
  12. F.N.


    Iam about to start my @REMO nutrients in three days. My test subject will be all 23 of my plants.
  13. F.N.

    Indoor Cannazone testing My Tasty T4-2100 from seed to end journal

    I have just put a Tangiematic from fast buds a sour crack and a hbss from Mephisto and a DP auto Brooklyn sunrise. They are all on Day five Pictures to come. The first picture is the light of course and what comes with it.
  14. Son of Hobbes

    Indoor Meet the Kind LED Testing Team!

    Hey guys, we're just starting to get the wheels in motion here for the Kind LED Grow Lights Live Vendor trial! We have two testers from our CannaZone Testing Group, @Rebel and @stepside , so let's give these fellas a big hand for testing and a thank you to Kind LED for giving us the opportunity...
  15. Waximus

    Bomb Seeds The AFN CannaZone Bomb Seeds Test Thread!!!

    Greetings to Members, Guests, and all manor of dedicated Cannabis Devotees! :worship: And, a Top Shelf Welcome to our new sponsor, Bomb Seeds!!:welcome: THIS is what you've been waiting for! The AFN CannaZone Test Team has been honored to do grow tests of Bomb Seeds' most intriguing seed...
  16. Son of Hobbes

    Lighting Welcome to the AFN DIY LED Building Forum!

    Due to the increasing amount of requests for a DIY LED building section, we decided to create a forum specifically for it! @arty zan will be assisting with the LED moderating and has been doing a stand-up job since we've invited him on to help with LED material, let's give him a warm welcome...
  17. Son of Hobbes

    Fast Buds Son of Hobbes grows Crystal Meth with Fastbuds!

    Hey everyone Son of Hobbes here! I'm going to be kicking off my grow journal and will start a video series for it soon for my Fast Buds Crystal Meth, courtesy @FastBuds . Here's some information on the strain from their site: Crystal METH Taste: Hazelnut Room: Indoor | Outdoor Gender...
  18. Son of Hobbes

    Lighting Platinum LED P450 coco test grow by SoH

    First off, let me just give a shout out again to Mark and @PlatinumLEDTom with Platinum LED for giving us the chance to test out these lights. I come from a HPS/MH background (and often times still finding myself going back to them every now and then,) but I truly believe LED's are the future...
  19. briman


    Greetings AFN! This thread is for you to get to know your Kindsoil test team. I would like to introduce you to... @Anthropolis @Bromeo @Eyes on Fire @Grim Reefer @pop22 @Pops @Ripper @sniper @Son of Hobbes @stepside @Waira We have a great, diverse group of proven, professional growers here and...
  20. Son of Hobbes

    Multiple Males and Pollen

    Hey guys I have a few questions about pollen I was hoping maybe someone could answer. How close is too close for a male plant and your female plants? Do you guys let males grow out in a separate room all together? Is it safe to keep the plants on the same level of the house? Should I move my...