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Sep 21, 2017
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Hi all,

i finally found some time to start my first grow jurnal on AFN so here it goes, most of my projects are DIY, from box (or closet) to light panel, cause im cheap bastard and i love to build things. This project cost less than 200 $ from scratch to final build (including equipment i had at home, tools are not calculated in this).

The BOX (mat white chipboard 18mm thick) H W D 2000 x 700 x 520 mm
box 2.jpg

The vents, simple bathroom vent stucked in aluflex iso. tube (amazing noise reduction) noise lvl aprox 10 db and that is very quiet. There is one more PC vent with 2 speed switch hanging under light panel. Main vent is on its own timer and it works when lights are on but later when plants get bigger i switch it on few times for 15 mins during the plants night, PC vent is on 24/7.

The lights, DIY led lights, 15 x 12w e27 Led bulbs, mid row is 5x4000 k for growth rest are 10x2700k for flowering, one timer 18/6 but two switches so i can run only grow or only flower or all of them.
(Testing the system with 2 of my F3 Ata Thundra regulars unfortunatly they will die from my hand few days later)

P9093865.JPG P9093871.JPG P9093875.JPG

I have higrometer and termometer, PH meter (that i rarely use), basic "organic" nutrients for growth and flower, my growing medium is coco coir with some perlite but i allways start seeds in soil mixture. Pots are 11L (3 galons aprox)

And finally the...LADYS, 2x Auto Lemon from Seedsman 7 days old (so it is ETA 68 day till harvest according to breeder), i started 3x AL and 1 Auto Blue but i decide to keep theese 2 cause they look-a-like a lot and i wanted to try different trainings, one will have some LST and other will be FIM-ed (ill try not to fu** this up). As theese plants are more suitable for SOG than LST or FIM im quite interested how it will turn till end.

Lady 1

Lady 2

so that is all for now, I hope this is going to be one boring grow with no problems of any kind, grab your popcorns and blankets and enjoy....

Invitations for first row seats:
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Can't wait to see results, looking at similar idea. Are they cob led spotlights or plain led lights?

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plain led lights i belive, generic bulbs by V-Tac
plain led lights i belive, generic bulbs by V-Tac
I read you can pop the plastic/glass covers off for a more intense light in the led lights forum, did you do that or leave intact?

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ive cutted it off, i didnt measure but now they shine cca 30-40 % brighter, plastic cover is to get more difuse light and to protect chips from moisiture i belive.
Have you seen our section on our vendor, Timber Grow Lights? We just had an interview with them. They have setups for people who prefer to build their own, or pre-constructed lights. Your configuration was reminiscent of one of their models. Highly customizable and clean. has their line as well for powerful single cobs.
Have you seen ...
I have now, it looks fine, nice and tidy and bit pricey for me. I was thinking about diy cob system but my main concern was the heat produced by those cobs (many diodes in smal place produce toomuch heat), than i would have to use louder vent or few copper or aluminum heatsinks with pc coolers and so on. As i am new to led i went for chepest solution possible (saw some nice grows with similar setup around web) and decide to try it for myself (i have some trilite CFL lamps as a backup if this fails)