Checking for pH in DWC..bubbles off or not?


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May 13, 2015
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Hi guys,

I took the plunge into DWC roughly 3 1/2 weeks ago. I have one Mexican Airlines and one Crtical Chaze F1 going. I'm following @greenjeans method.

The plants have just entered their third week and I've started feeding nutes at 1/6th strength. So far its been good to see them grow. The MexAir has slowed down its growth and the CritChaze has taken off...I hope this is just growing pains and the MexAir catches up. Both plants are short and haven't grown vertically so that's also a concern.

Anyway, my question about pH is: Do you turn off the bubbles when you take a pH reading? I've noticed that the reading changes when my meter is in the middle of bubbles. The same goes with the TDS meter.



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I usually leave mine on but my DWC tank is a 12 gal tote and I can get to a spot where the bubbles don't play much of a role. But you can turn it off if it's in the way or giving u crazy readings. A short period off will not affect them at all (long enough for water change and taking all measurements). I think the max longest I have had it off and no stress is like 30 minutes, my water source line took a crap and had to go get water from another part of the house.

Plants are looking great
I agree with Wawashel. When the bubbles pop or touch bottom of PH meter air is probably reaching the bottom of meter throwing readings off
Ditch the PH meter immediatly, go liquid