Help with choosing what strains to grow next.


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Apr 25, 2017
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Hi troops,I'm readying myself to start a nice mephisto grow,but I'm stuck on what strains to grow.
I'll be growing in a 1.2X1.2X2 metre tent.
I've chosen a cpl of strains I wanna grow...AvT special pheno,and MBAP,but I need some help choosing another 2 strains.can someone give me their experience with growing the following strains,I'm looking for top draw buds,and a nice yielding plant.
Here's what I have to play with...
4 sour stomper.
4 sour bubbly.
5 GGG4 (gorilla glueXgrape)
5 livers and cheese
5 bubbly livers
5 sour alien livers
5 Creme bubbly
5 sour orange livers
10 Alien V Traingle special pheno.
Cheers for any feed back guys.
Hey mate I recommend sour stomper for the 3rd plant.

It's a lovely plant and easy to grow. Depending on conditions/pheno you may get a tall one - over a metre. Supercrop her and you will get decent yields. I got around 110g from one that was suoercropped and about 85/90g from one left to go natural, both tall plants.

Also, you could easliy get 6 nice size mephistos in your 1.2x1.2 tent with no space issues I belive.
Cheers @hippy71,very good if you to you reckon sour stomper...sounds good to me mate.i grew hubba last grow,and she was tall too.and I'm quite partial to bending the bitches if they get a little too tall lol.not a bad yield 110 grams...I'm looking to get a bit more than that...hopefully.i normally hit around the 5oz mark,got 7.5 oz from fastbuds gsc.i was leaning towards sour alien livers too,but you reckon livers and cheese?? Gotta love good old English genetics man.i think 6 plants will be pushing it a little,I like the plants to get all the light without it being too crowded in the tent,I'll have a think on numbers if plants,plus that means I've still gotta choose another 3 strains,and the strains I've got,like to get big from reading Mephisto's blurb on them.
Cheers for ya help mukka :pass:
Decided to go with AvT special pheno,MBAP,sour stomper and creme bubbly :vibe:
With mephisto strains there is a fair bit of difference in size/yield imo buddy. Anything Alien seems to be big yileds. I got 5 oz off a toofless alien. Sour stomper I don't think will get much bigger than 4 oz. Maybe it will but I don't think I've seen one.

Personally I would try the livers and cheese as there's a touch too much sour in the lineup for me personally.

Personally in your tent I would run 3 and then 5 weeks later start another 3. That way there's always enough room, and humidity won't go too mad with only 3 in full flower at a time, but you're maximising production and efficiency.

Anyway bud sorry you clearly know what you're doing!! :)
You won't regret the AvT mate. I only got a couple of oz off mine as was my first try with organics, but the buds and smoke were absolutely gorgeous. Pure purple goodness.
Get a bigger tent grow 2 of each

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I wish I had the space to have a bigger tent man,although I have considered getting a 1X1x2 tent somewhen,but I got to keep it quiet,the mrs will kill me if she found out :crying: