Duckster's 2nd DWC


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Sep 26, 2014
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Since my last DWC grow turned out so well, I decided to give it another go!

The space same as before – two chambers
Lower (seedling/cloning) camber
23” x 35” x 15”
(2) 24 Watt T5HO Grow Lights (with vegetative bulbs)

Upper (grow) chamber
23” x 35” x 59”
480 Watt, Switchable, 11-Way, 5w Diode Duo-Drive LED Light
Yes this is the original LED that came with my cab. I decided not to use my Amare 300 because on the last grow in the middle of winter I was still fighting of 95+ temps. Now in the middle of summer I thought it would be better not to fry my girls.

GH CaliMagic
AN Voodoo Juice
AN pH perfect Grow
AN pH perfect Micro
AN pH perfect Bloom
AN Big Bud
AN B-52
AN Overdrive
AN Rhino Skin
AN Sensizym
AN Liquid Carboload
AN Bud Factor X
nice set up,got all the kit.
what ya growin ?
pics or it didnt happen.
good luck n keep er lit.
Cheers Archie How goes it bro. Yeah Yeah - I was getting to that part but ya can't rush a good thing.

The original plan was to go with a couple of Dinafem girls. Decided on a sour diesel auto and a original amnesia auto. I have not had this much trouble with germination since my first grow. I used the same method that I have used since my second grow. It has worked every time until now. Pop the bean into a saturated rapid rooter and plug the hold. Rooter goes into a plastic container and onto the warming mat. 12 hrs later, squeeze out about half the water. Then back in the tub on the mat. Every 12 hrs pop the cover off so it can breathe for a few minutes and make sure the rooter does not dry out. Anyway this always worked until now. So after five days the sour diesel auto and original amnesia auto not popped up. So I started another sour diesel auto and a cheese xxl for backup.4 days later the cheese popped up. She went in a net cup with the drip system dripping for 15 minutes 4 times during lights on. Nothing the other three beans so I started a bubba kush auto. After 4-5 days I started my last sour diesel. 4-5 days later still nothing. I opened up the rooters on the 5 dud beans and found that none of the sour diesels had even cracked. The amnesia and the bubba kush had cracked and formed a small root but never popped. I wanted to grow something new but had run out of new Dinafem strains. So I popped in a walter white. I didn't even bother with the satuation, the tub, or the mat. I just popped the seed in the rooter, plugged the hole and put it in the net cup with the drip on. 3 days later (today) up she popped. So we now have a full house.

So @Wile e Peyote, @sanguine, @Spanglish, @hairyman, @ThaGreenBandit, @faded187, @Vlad The Inhaler, @The Elvis, @Jraven, @redrobbo, and anyone else that I've forgotten mention care to follow along. Will Duckster manage to stumble his way through another grow? Maybe - maybe not, but either way it ought be be worth a bit of comic relief.

And a pic of each of the girls

Cheese XXL Day 12

Walter White Day 1

Anyway thanks for taking an interest. Sorry the only humor today is my piss poor germination attempts. Germination seems to always humble me. Guess I need a good kick in the nads every now and again. But I don't recommend it!:biggrin: It's great to be back!!!!!!!!!:bighug:
im subbed.. love your grows!!!:pass:

Greetings Elvis What's not to love Great tutorials on what not to do. The babblings of a madman suffering from too much heat. lolol.
Yay, ducky, :bighug:

Strapped in pal for the journey

cheeese xxl, I guess she will need Strapped in as well,:biggrin:


Hey Hairyman - How they hanging bud. Ah yes bondage. Have not done much of that since my first grow. I did a white widow a couple of grows ago, but she didn't get that big so no bondage was required. The Cheese XXL is already showing her sativa roots with a bit of stretching. I may have to get a bit rough with her. lol

Glad to see you with another journal brother

Yeah Man - great to be back in the saddle again. Can't wait till you get yourself situated to get your grow on buddy!