Help with lighting a 5'x9' Tent for yield


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Aug 14, 2017
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Hey guys i am trying to get some advise on lighting my tents up, I will only be running Autoflower and my biggest concern is yield as it pertains to the lights.
My thoughts were to build 2 4'x4' frames for cobs or a cob/quantum hybrid but I also looked into getting 2 Fluence SPYDERx's. This is an idea I had for 2 panels

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Hey mikemilz welcome to afn I'm not a cob expert an I personally use a de hps ,we have got quite a few experts who know building cobs from scratch in the cob section ,but I'm sure someone who is in the know will stop by ,good luck growing.
Good Morning @MikeMilz and Welcome here!
That's a big project. Browse through the DIY section there are some really sweet builds. Also on youtube Growmau (I think I spelled it correctly) has some good info on COB building and some serious looking builds there as well. I can recommend the "autocob" a pendant all in one COB light. Not a panel but just a single light, it will come in very handy I am sure. I use them 4-5 per 4x4 tent.
I have yet to do an entire grow, but did do a whole flowering of a photo girl and I can say my yield definitely improved.
Peace and happy growing
if your doing a mutli strain grow something a little more modular or universal might be needed.If indeed thats the case. thats the very tent 5X9 ill have soonest. that or a 4X8.myself I have A northern Grow lights COB unit and its pretty badass honestly.I like it but I cannot afford three units and dappled autocobs and such. so I was going to go with length wise bars on hangers if building unit.I had thought the linear bars would be a bit more versitile. but Im gonna go with auto COB to fuill in until I can get my tent by this winter is the goal. good luck! Auto Cobs,or similar are prolly the way to go and cheaper.BigSmO is a fair dealing dude. may wanna give him a look. he has kit available and myself Im getting one this week I hope.
Hey Mike, I´m new in the forum as well but I´ve some experience and I work with Leds since over 5 years now. I build some on my own with COB´s as well. I made two passively cooled COB-Bars with 150W each (HLG Driver and Cree Leds). One of this bars passed by a few weeks ago and I started to think about repairing the old one or rather get something else and during my research I found the COB 60 DIY System from Clarus. I start a grow with them tomorrow, but I can already say, the are nice to handle, very individual and easy to install, no work needed. They are daisychained on the AC side and work with an Bridgelux Vero29 Chip driven with 55W, passively cooled, makes them nicely effective. The price is fine as well with € 99,- a piece. I use them now for growing up my photosensitive ladies before I start the Auto run tomorrow. I have used three of them in my bigger tent for finishing (they replaced the broken DIY bar I had) and liked it a lot. Let´s see how they perform in the full grow I do now, at the moment I can recommend them.


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