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Nov 8, 2013
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So peeps long time lurker, grower, first time auto grow sticking with the good old Dutch Passion ,
Run down of my set up,
Flower room, 6x8x7 ft, 2x 600 watt digi ballast with super lumens using standard reflector and 1 cool tube as weather picks up I'll add my other cooltube, bulbs, sunmaster super MH for veg, sunmaster duel spec and osram plantastar and super son t for flower.
Iws 12 pot flood n drain system with 250 litre res.
8 inch exhaust rvk fan with 8 inch viper filter, 5 inch 2 speed rhino fan for intake both connected to climavator fan controller which keeps temps at 24 c lights on 18 c lights off.
16 inch oscilating fan to move air around in room.
Dimplex thin wall heater too keep night temps where I want them.
VEG room, 4x2x5 ft, .double CFL hood 125 watt blue to start, than another 250 watt blue to add as babys progress, 4 inch rhino fan n filter.
So that's the set up now onto what I've done up till now,
Started with 7 Dutch Passion staryder and 7 Mazar all autos of course, all seeds popped on the 7th Feb they went straight into jiffy plugs for few days than into 3 inch rockwool cubes all the time being in big heated propogator and in veg room under the 125 watt blue CFL to start with not got pics of first 14 days as didn't know weather to do a diary or not so sorry for that.
Any way I was feeding them tiny dose of house n garden roots excelorator to boost root production to fill out rockwool cubes so I could than put them into iws flood n drain system and at 10 days they were ready to go so in they went, knocked upweak veg nute mix in tank using the general hydroponics flora series nutes and roots exel ,
They have now been in flower room 4 days under sunmaster MH veg bulb dialed down to 400 watts and they seem to be doing well I Think
so I'll add some pics see what you guys think .
Oh I'm flooded 4 times a day at moment for 15 mins.
PH, 5.8
PPM, 500
All feedback more than welcome would like to know if all looks well to you guys and some info on nute strengh and when to start feeding flowering nutes cheers peeps.
Peace.IMG_20160226_100731.jpg IMG_20160222_220506.jpg IMG_20160226_100833.jpg IMG_20160226_100812.jpg IMG_20160222_215238.jpgIMG_20160225_130700.jpg IMG_20160222_220235.jpg IMG_20160222_220145.jpg
So peeps,
today i decided to turn on the other light with dual spec bulb but wanted to know when i should switch
to flowering bulbs completely ? if any one could help me out with that it'd be cool.
Every thing still looking good they are all at day 21 now, only prob i have got is all the residue from the
hydroton is sitting in bottom of pots and all around the inside of pots so need to clean them all out so i
suppose im gonna have to disconnect 1 pot at a time put a spare clean pot in whilst i clean dirty pot, the thing
is i washed the bloody hydroton 2 times but yet its still letting off loads of residue.
Any way PH,5.8, PPM 500 going to up ppm tomorrow to around 600.
IMG_20160227_114742.jpg IMG_20160227_114814.jpg IMG_20160227_114708.jpg IMG_20160227_114616.jpg IMG_20160227_114841.jpg
Switch over the hps when they have completely stopped stretching . When you don't see any noticeable grow anymore . They should stretch from about weeks 4-6 .. hope this helps
Looking great by the way !!
Nice one for the reply resinous,
had to pull one of my plants today due to stem rot, touched the plant and it literally fell over checked it and see the stem rot so pulled her bloody rockwool cubes.
Damn milk I know that had to suck
So peeps not too happy with few of my plants at the moment, all the staryder are sweet as but the Mazar seem to be struggling a bit and I'm sure it's to do with my humidity 25 to 30 % if I'm lucky been spraying the leafs with phed water but the Mazar stiil not purking up will update tomorrow with proper post and pics bit agitated at moment